Rank Ups and Interludes in the future

I just read the recent rank up quest thread and possibly next year the rewards for rank ups and Interludes will net you 2 SQ upon completion which is a Yay in my book.

I just want to confirm, would they also reward you extra SQ for previous rank ups and Interludes you completed back then? If so, I feel that that’s quite a generous and bold move considering the amount of heroic spirits may a veteran master have and the number of interludes and rank ups per character has.

Please feel free to correct me if I’m just interpreting it the wrong way or I’m just wishful thinking about it :grin:
(I only play NA and I don’t usually know how this works🤨)

unless I’m misremembering, the +2 quartz change is just for rank up quests. interlude rewards stay the same. though they also later down the line get the +10 quartz bonus for every 10 completed, like rank up quests will get first

either way, yeah. rewards are given retroactively for all previously completed quests


Yes, is +1SQ extra for each Rank Up quest completed before. Retroactively.

Also, yearly, you get 10 SQ for each 10 Rank Up Quest you completed, starting on that upgrade.

Later on, same for each 10 interludes completed, independent of being SQ interlude or skill/NP up interlude.

Just keep in mind is 10, roundy number, 19 Rank UP quests done wont be giving you 19 SQs, just 10. So, do as much as possible.

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