Ranking of every FE game I’ve played

So someone else did this and it looked fun so screw it imma join in
From best to worst

  1. FE: Sacred Stones
  2. FE Blazing Blade
  3. FE Heroes
  4. FE Binding blade
  5. FE Warriors

Sacred Stones is my top choice because it was just the most fun to me
I liked the introduction of a world map, as it actually let you grind and not have to worry about exp or whatnot
Also having two promotion options was fun and you got to customize your units more
Add a dragon and bam favorite FE game

Blazing Blade isn’t that much lower than Stones just Sacred Stones was more pleasant

Heroes is 3rd because as many of you know, building units can be pretty fun and stuffs
As well, a lot of your favorite persons are in

My placement for BB might be weird
Binding blade has an amazing story, great characters, good map design, and is a great game…
Until they made it a little too hard
Game is just incredibly hard
You can just be wandering around on a map and then Rutger pops out of nowhere and murders Alan
It’s good that I’m Blazing blade they Magen it to where whenever an enemy spawns they don’t immediately attack because having enemies that just randomly appear and give you no chance to react to is not fun
As well the fact that you have to worry about every thing you do in every chapter so you can get all of the divine weapons
Binding Blade just isn’t much fun
It’s a challenge but it’s not challenging because it’s well designed and requires you to think, it’s challenging because stupid things

I don’t think I have to explain warriors

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??? what

Y’know, I’d make a FE game tierlist, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve only finished Blazing blade and sacred stones

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You can make a tier list of the games which have the characters you like the most on feh, or a tier list of the games you wanna play in future.

Tier lists are always fun

They are great
It’s nice to see other peoples opinions

Yeah but I’m too lazy to make a tier list anyway


I didn’t expect you to be lazy

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If it ain’t about muscle then I’m lazy

Binding Blade > Blazing Blade

You can train your hand muscles by doing the tier list :thinkinglikelukas:

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Sacred Stones is probably the most chill to play

Hey, Sacred Stones love! Very nice
The more I play other FE’s, the more I appreciate it

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I’ve fixed it for you. No need to say thanks!

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It’s funny to see the FE i like the most are thoses when I like antagonist. Like in sacred stone i love Valter, and that’s bringing it up by quite a notch!
The fact that I like a lot about SS is the after game, the dungeons are quite nice, AND YOU CAN PLAY VILAINS!

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Wasnt gonna

I can totally see that. While I think FE4 had the better major villains, FE8 had some amazing minor villains
And being able to play Lyon and Caellach is great too

Yes another fellow gba only player