Rant but seeking help with legendaries and iPhone 11 max pro


I have been playing Pokemon Go pretty much since inception or at least since January 2017. In spite of how long I have been playing, I am at level 40 and have way too many Pokemons at level 40, I can’t throw a pokeball worth poop. But in spite of this I think I have done reasonably well in catching the legendaries until recently.

I have done 21 legendary raids in the last month or so, i.e. Cobalion and Terrakion. I can’t hit the the legendary at all. Granted as mentioned above I can’t throw the pokeball for the life of me but in the 21 raids I have only hit Cobalion & Terrakion like 8 times. Caught 1 Cobalion with lousy IVs. I have been averaging about 10 balls for each raid so that would be around 210 balls. So I am wondering if anyone has been having a hard time too.

The only difference between now and before Cobalion is that I upgraded my iPhone 7+ to the iPhone 11 Max Pro. I have complained to Ninatic. Apple has changed the display screen to my iPhone 11 Max Pro and I even asked for Apple to refund my monies for the poke coins I made through iTunes.

I wasn’t expecting a miracle when it comes to the legendaries but I was hoping for a shot at least catching them. I was wondering what else can I do to do better with the game. Ironically I am not having any problems with the other raid bosses (raids 1 to 4) or wild pokemons. Just the level 5 raid bosses. I would try to step back from the game but as sad as it sounds I use the game to exercise.

Help please???

I would simply say that “you need to improve your throws”. But its more complicated, i know. I wil approach every point I consider important in this matter.

  1. Always use the circle-lock trick to catch legendaries. If You dont know this metod, search for videos on google, and start to train this in wild pokemon.

  2. It sounds you need time to adapt to your new phone screen. Train your catch thechnics and the circle-lock trick even in wild pokemon. Always aim for excellent hits, or at least great ones.

  3. Try to get the maximum number of balls as possible. Raid with friends, if you dont have one raiding together at the time, add the people present. Always use the most effective pokemon you have in a raid to get the bonus balls per damage. In a large group, separate the teams to get the bonus per team damage.

  4. Be patient. Dont rush, wait for the pokemon to make every single attack. In the time of Darkrai raids, I lost a few ones just for rushing, throwing balls when he was in the corners, missing great and excelent throws. After I started to wait him to come to the center of the screen, making always excellent hits, I caught every single one.

  5. Especific for Terrakion:

  • Lock the circle and wait him to attack. At the very moment he attack, start your throw. His attack animation is very short and if you delay, he should jump or attack again before the ball lands.
  • He is pretty far away. You need to make a long and wide open throw and in narrow screens this should be difficult.

I think the problem you’re having is the same problem I have when I switch from my galaxy note 9 to galaxy tab s2.

On the note 9 I have no problems throwing curve balls but on the Tab s2 the ball has to be thrown differently, to me it sounds as if you just need to practice on your new phone as your instinct is to throw as if it was the old.

Thank you for your replies. Practice and patience.

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Same problem here and was looking for solution. Now I use my old iPhone 6 for playing Pokémon. This is crazy and should be fixed. I have lost my catch so many times now that I lost interest.

I have lost interest too. I only use my free raid passes now and I wonder what happens now that I wasted $100 for poke coins and so far I have not gotten a refund.