Ranulf built without 5*?

So I tried to make a ranulf build without touching my rarest/banner exclusive heroes… be honest, how good/bad is it? I want him to be in a beast team with mordecai and caineghis, btw


It certainly could be worse… He can be a decent Physical wall at least. I will say that Steady Posture is a direct upgrade on Darting Stance, and if Altena demotes then Sturdy Stance is also worth considering, but it’s not too totally terrible.

Also @RoyAhoy :feh_royyes:


Thnx for the tips. I don’t want to waste rare units, limiting my options…
Luckily caineghis is easier…

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This build’s quite good for budget, you can stack double [Steady Posture 2] if you want as we have the seal version and the A-skill version is on Thea and Reyson at 4★, these can make finer choices.
He even provides some support to your beast emblem :ok_hand:t2:

You can stack skills like that? Nice.

You can put the same skill twice indeed, because one’s on a passive slot and the other on a seal slot, providing your unit with +8 SPD/DEF if foe initiates


I’ll just say that since you’ve already got a great ranged wall in caineghis and physical wall in mordecai, he may be best served as pure support. A slot is very flexible in that case, maybe even a simple fury or death blow to act as a quick clean up unit. for support, go with chill def or a drive in S slot. also swap in bonfire or moonbow over luna.

Tossing this guy out just for kicks.

Since you have already 2 tanks in your team I would build him more for EP. Since you’re on a budget, darting blow in A and swift sparrow in S will do the job for PvE I think

Important thing to know is that you can stack any in combat buff.
Like the stances, or bond skills.

Only out of combat buffs thx to skills like hone atk don’t stack, those show up blue on the stats.

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Weird. I want to get ranulf steady posture 2 seal, but can’t find it in the forge.


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