Rapples for karnamas or nerofest?

(IDK how to do the “solved” thread thing here but I’ve decided to just go hard on nerofest instead if karnamas)

So as a f2p, I usually use some SQ as rapples during lottos cuz it’s always guaranteed value instead of constantly doing impulse rolls (GACHA ITCH). But with nerofest coming in a few months next year, I’m thinking of holding off on using my sq. The mats seem far more appealing. Pages, chains, medals, proof and dust from just a lotto box is SO good!

I am still planning on using all my regular apples on karnamas but I’ll probably only reach about 150 boxes with them. I was SO ready to spam that 90+ node cuz it drops medals and hearts but then nerofest has medals from its boxes AND has a 90 node that drops both hearts + pages.

Any advice?

Ps. I’m also not in a rush to get the mats from karnamas. My account is pretty chill rn. I just want to get as much value from farming as possible. I am f2p after all.

(I love spamming nodes LUL)




The way I go about farming is I look at the servants I want to level and then the ones I am planning to summon. Then I figure out what mats I can get from certain events and plan accordingly. If you think that you don’t need those mats before the Nero lotto then may be you don’t need to spend all your apples now. I am personally not against using rainbow apples (I use them for refills too) but don’t burn them if you don’t have to.


here’s the thing. i whale and i don’t use quartz as refills only regular apples, and while doing that i’ve never been hurting for mats, qp or exp. even on my f2p jp account, i’ve never been wanting for anything except for quartz to summon with. i’m a firm believer in using quartz strictly for summoning cuz i’m not that lucky when it comes to the gacha.

if you wish to use quartz, go ahead, but do realize that those quartz you use will not be available to you when you summon. fgo has a lot of dead weeks you can use to farm the mats you’re hurting for outside of events.

also, here’s this:

it shows you all the mats you get for the year and stuff so you can plan that way.


Before eating rapples for refill, try spreadsheeting your lineup (including servants you plan to roll for next year), so you know precisely what materials you lack, and how many. Hard to say which lotto is better without knowing what materials you’re in need of.

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I have been wondering on that question myself. Personnaly I have a set number of boxes to reach my goals (in this case, I will try to get 300 boxes in Karnamas as that would patch my fluid needs) and I will get them, rapples or not. But I probably won’t go further.

Whether Nerofest is better to farm or not depends on your objective, but just for the fact that Nerofest boxes contain 3 dust instead of 2 in Karnamas makes Nerofest more appealing. (And proofs, Pages and chains are all mats I’ll need).

While you can spend SQ however you like, farming a few more mats seems like a poor use of SQ.

As a fellow F2P, I hoard SQ for “must have” meta targets. There are 2 meta servants coming up (Koyan & Oberon) plus a top-tier DPS (Melusine), for which I’ve budgeted a nominal 600-900 SQ each (Spishtar and Castoria cost me 600+ SQ each). 2024 isn’t any easier with Skadi #2, Koyan #2 and Femerlin. If I don’t get a little lucky, I could miss some targets, even with pity. OTOH, if you’re blessed with EX+ luck and don’t have any worries or concerns about pulling future servants from gacha, then go ahead and burn SQ on refills.

While I get that you like to have extra mats, I’d much rather have an abundance of servants than an abundance of mats.

If I were you, I’d take a good, long look at future banners and reconsider whether you can really afford to burn SQ on farming refills:

Thanks for all the input! Honestly speaking, my account is at a point where I don’t really mind whichever SSRs I get, as long as they’re new. Why? Cuz gacha do be what it be. The few times that I’ve saved for a unit, are the times that I’ve gotten the most unlucky and don’t get them. I just impulsively roll all the time and that’s when I get SSRs. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Either way, I don’t mind.

I’ve been thinking recently why I still play the game even after already having all my units at max level. For future units that I want? Not really. I just like leveling stuff. It’s a weird goal for a gacha player I know. But I like it. I have a lot of CEs that I want to max still and lots of servant skills.

In terms of the “meta” units coming, they’d be nice to have but eh, I can 3T pretty much anything except some 90+ & ++ nodes in the future. Is it really that big of a deal if I can’t 3T those irregular nodes? Nah. I’d still be able to clear shops and finish events without it. They just added those as another threshold that players can reach for having bigger numbers.

TLDR: I just want to level stuff. I’ll definitely look into planning out how much mats I’d maybe need in the future. Thanks everyone!