Rare candies on Legendaries



I’m thinking about investing the 100 rare candies I have on one of my legendaries but which?? Or would it be more worth keep them for something else?? Consider that iny my surroundings activity is very low, so no possibilities to do Tier 5 raids… The ones I have/will have come from Research Tasks…

  1. Moltres Lev 15 - 13/15/12 - FS/FB
  2. Raikou Lev 15 - 14/13/14 - VS/WC
  3. Entei Lev 15 - 13/14/10 - FS/FT
  4. Zapdos Lev 21 - 14/15/15 - CB/TB
  5. Raikou Lev 21.5 - 15/13/13 - TS/WC


Unfortunatly I would say wait.
Part from raikou and moltres, the others are not worth the investment.
And your raikou and moltres seem a bit low on IV to me to justify the investment in rare candies and stardust.
Mayby trade some legendaries like kyogre if you can’t raid?


Seconding the bit about them being on low end IV-wise, but the bigger point is that none of them have an immediate raid need unless you’re struggling to complete Tangela or Breloom solos. I wouldn’t power any of them up right now.


Continue accumulating Rare Candies.

Moltres without Sky Attack is mediocre. Raikou is a great gym attacker, but gym offence is barely relevant in low-activity areas.


The 15 att raiku isn’t too bad. Really for legendaries none of the IVs are all that terrable considering what you have access too. It all depends on what you need and what your plans are. Personally out of all my legendaries I’ve gotten the most mileage out of my moltres.

If you need bag space you can always drop 20-30 candy into one you want but wait to power up a better IV


If it has to be one of those, I would do Zapdos. Otherwise wait or put it into a Mewtwo if you have one of those.


After Dialga is gone, I’m dumping all my rare candies on my 95% and buying her/him/it a second move and nobody can stop me.


I wouldn’t say that Raikou #5 is low on IVs, 91% with an attack IV of 15 is what I call respectable.

@Mad_lugano if I were you I consider the use I would give to any on these legendaries. I personally give decent uso to my Raikou but your choice generally depends to your local meta.


Why would you chose Zapdos when Raikou with Wild Wharge is available?

Back to the point: like others said, the best answer depends on your needs. Considering the solo raids, gyms and possibly PvP battles you’re participating in, what would you benefit the most: fire attacks or electric attacks? In my neighbourhood, electric is often handy for gyms, fire not that much. For raids, I also saw more use of electrics than fire types, BUT electrics are often swappable with grass types, whereas fire types have less alternatives. But that’s for me…

  • If you need electric for raids, I would go for Raikou #5.
  • If you need fire, Moltres for raids, Entei for PvP.
  • If you already have good enough electric and fire teams, keep those precious rare candies for when you get your hands on legendaries that cover situations you struggle to manage.


After checking the difference between zapdos, raikou and potential zekrom, I think you´re right.
Raikou 15 atk with wild charge > zapdos TS/TB
As for zekrom, though it has better stats overall, there is a chance for it to receive the palkia treatment, with only dragon-type fast moves.


Palkia’s issue was that it can’t learn any of the available water type fast moves in the main series. Zekrom can learn Charge Beam and Volt Switch. Despite Charge Beam being an inferior move to Thunder Shock it would cement Zekrom as the premier electric type if paired with Wild Charge. Thundurus-T with TS/WC would have the highest electric DPS but less bulk than Zekrom, something of a Honchkrow/Rayquaza relationship.


The level 21.5 Raikou is pretty good. It needs 59 candy to reach level 30. That could be a good place to start if you need to clear out some space in your item bag.

The top electric attacker is close between Raikou, Electrivire, and Zapdos.


I echo other people’s thoughts and recommend waiting. They don’t have an immediate use, except Moltres for beating Tangela / Breloom solos (Tangela is a hard solo, but Breloom is considered easy). Moltres would also require a charge TM to obtain Overheat to be worth its meat compared to non-legendary attackers like Blast Burn Charizard or FS/OH Flareon. Entei should be out of the question since it has less DPS than Moltres and yours also lacks OH.

Raikou is good but not currently useful and out-DPSed by Electivire. Both Raikou and Moltres may potentially be outclassed by Zekrom and Reshiram when they are released in 5th Gen.

Zapdos is both out-DPSed and out-TDOed by Raikou.

Keep the RC. Depending on their movepools, Darkrai, Zekrom, Reshira, Kyurem, and Thundurus may all potentially be strong RC candidates due to potentially having the best DPS for one of their types. :muscle:

Moltres has the highest DPS for a Fire-type attacker with Fire Spin / Overheat.


Not disagreeing with the relevance of Moltres, but you can still solo Tangela with a team of Entei/Mamoswine/Scizor/Blast Burn Charizard. The time depends on the viney boi’s moves of course, but I’ve been doing a lot of those. Different ballgame since the last time we had that raid boss!


You could theoretically solo Tangela with Flareon, which is immensely easy to get and to level up.

I think that, at this point, if you don’t already have a team of powered up Moltreses, that waiting would be the right play to make. Echoing others’ sentiments, by the time you could construct a team of six maxed Moltres, Reshiram will likely be out by then, and could potentially outclass Moltres completely if given a moveset of Fire Spin + Overheat. Offhand, even with Fire Blast, I think Reshiram would still be better.

Heatran is the Fire type I’d feel more comfortable investing into now, because Heatran’s ability to absolutely oppress Steel and Ice types will not be outclassed by Reshiram, thanks to Heatran’s typing.


Tempts me to charge TM my Iron Head Heatran and feed it some dust, but then there’s FOMO with a possible exclusive move…


I keep getting tempted to power up a Heatran - I’ve used a couple of weather boosted in clearing gyms a few times. There’s always another priority though…


I two manned a T4 Victreebel the other day, and my level 28.5 Heatran with Weather Boost survived until about 15 seconds left in the raid, and did well over half the damage to the Victreebel by itself. My Alakazam came in, used one Confusion and won us the raid.

That same Heatran is one I used in a large party of 10 to fight Iron Head Dialga. Took us about 100 seconds to beat it, and my Heatran survived the whole fight.

It also was able to tank four undodged Draco Meteors from Dialga with a similar large group.

It has some insane durability, with great TDO, even if it is a bit slow.


*Fire Fang/Overheat. Reshiram cannot learn Fire Spin in the main series and subsequently will not receive it in GO. Even without Fire Spin, as long as it gets a fire type fast move and Overheat it will trump Moltres by a significant amount.


I like how you ignored the second half about preferring Mewtwo. Well done.