Rare candy drop rate

Has the rate decreased? I got zero rare candies from my last five level 5 raids, and just a couple from lower level. Maybe because they know you need raids for the research. Also, you’d think 15 excellent curveballs w golden berries might catch Reshiram :^\ But noooo

My main account often gets zero rare candy on T5, however another account that never gets revives…this one’s top 33 pokemon 30 are dead, only 3 alive are Heatran, Moltres, and Melmetal #2 (it must not have Rock Slide)

I think it did drop just about the time GBL went live - since you can get rare candy from battles. However now it’s moved to 4/5 wins required, I have noticed that I’m not getting quite as much.

It didn’t drop, prob just RNG. But last November T5s yield no Rare Candy because they were testing stuff. They quick rolled the changes at the end of Cobalion and like in Terrakion’s first week.