Rare candy investment Question

hello there, recently I’ve returned to the game after a couple months of retirement. I noticed that I have over 440 rare candies in my band and I need to make room for other items.

What would be the best Pokémon to invest in ?

What do you want to use the Pokemon for, raids or PvP?

PVP mostly bro

Need a bit more info to be honest, like your level, what are your possibilities, moves, league you prefer, team mates, IVs, etc. With 440 you can only power up to 40 and second move one pokemon.

PvPoke has a ranking of pokemon, it is no perfect but is a good starting point.

Mewtwo, Groudon, Kyogre, Giratina A, Giratina O & Dialga are top legendary picks for ML. Other options are palkia & landorus.

Articuno, Creselia, Registeel and Armored Mewtwo are all top picks for UL. They may not need such a big investments as some cap below 40.

For GL you can get by without legendaries so I would not spend RC there, it is the cheapest and most competitive league.

I forgot Zekrom, he is also good in ML

I’ll focus on legendary/mythic Pokemon then since other Pokemon can be walked/caught in the wild fairly easily.

For GL - Registeel, Cresselia, Mew, and Jirachi are really the only legendary/mythic Pokemon you’ll see much of. Sometimes you’ll see an Articuno or Shadow Zapdos. Galarian Stunfisk has taken over the Registeel spot but if you don’t have a Galarian Stunfisk, Registeel will serve you well.

For UL - Cresselia, Giratina (either forme), Registeel, and Armored Mewtwo are fairly common on teams.

For ML - Groudon (with Fire Punch which was an event exclusive so you might need to use an Elite Charge TM), Giratina, Mewtwo, Melmetal, Zekrom, Dialga, and some Kyogre and Landorus.

Wormy Giratina is cute and very serviceable, plus it’s about the only strong ghost that’s also tanky.
You can use your rare candy now and wait till you get a lucky version of that pokemon too (For any pokemon you choose, not just Giratina)
Also you may choose non legendaries, why not? Can get more candies through leagues if you’re itching to farm them

For GL you forgot of course DeoxysD, besides registeel and cress the most used leg/myth. Melmetal i saw some as well.

Yes but mostly the ones using Melmetal are those that have a Switch and have no need to put rare candies in it.

Mew is a solid pick if you’ve got the TMs to find the right moves. The mythicals are good ones to justify RC use on because you know you’re not gonna get more candy (unless you walk them 20k…ewww).

Any of the top ML legendaries are good candidates as well because you’d have to raid them for about 8 years straight to get the candy to max and double move them. Many of them are good for raids too.

A few good UL picks mentioned earlier. I wouldn’t do cuno tho. Available now and a weather boosted one is around 2000 cp anyway. You could raid that a few times and be where you need to be. GirA or O is probs the wisest choice there. Just RC a good IV one and if you want to later bump it up to ML.

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I didn’t forget I just didn’t want the OP to know. I’d love to see less of Deoxys-D lol.

Do you use it sometimes? Used it less the last two seasons, due to a lot of these Umbreons

I haven’t used it since Season 2.