Rare candy investments?

Where would a learned Gen 5 expert park a bunch of rare candy these days? I’m comfortable with everything I have for all that’s out there, or about to be out there.

Are you wanting to park for counters or are you asking about which Gen 5 legendaries will be deserving of candy being parked on them?

Well, i’d say depends on what you have,

gen 5’s got;
3 dragons, part fire, electric, and ice, so assuming you have rayquaza/dialga ready, you should be fine. Even sunny weather groudon doesnt come that close to the dragons unboosted damage against electric and fire, so I wouldn’t go powering one up for that. Metagross and Rampardos handles kyurem (the ice one), while rampardos also can handle reshiram. Note Kyurem mey get black and white forms, which are really freaking high stats, so rampardos may take a back seat to metagross if they come out. So RC sinks: Dragons

3 fighting types, grass, steel, rock, so our old ‘mind over muscle’ routine of mewtwo for beating machamp, yeah, thats a no go here. Moltres would be a good for colbaleon (the steel one) and Virizion (the grass one) since double moves on a legacy gives overheat SE damage on cobaleon, and fast tm over to Wing attack gives the best flying DPS for the double weak virizion. Metagross thrashes terrakion since its a rock, while machamp and mewtwo with psychic can do well too in absence of legacy metagross (didnt realize all are best countered by ‘M’ names). Blaziken may be good for colbalion depending, since blaziken’s a glass cannon steel sets may be its only in, moltress’s better bulk and reliable resistance to both stabs, Machamp also can do well agaisnt colbalion.
RC Sinks: legacy moltres, since the double moves is what lets it beat two of the three, and most of what beats the others are nonlegendaries

Three fliers, one pure flying, part electric and ground. Theres really no legendary that’d be great for these aside from maybe kyurem if we get it before the forces of nature come out, and even then it’d need to be black/white forms or have glaciate be added and broken to compare with mamoswine, so for Tornadus, i’d say rampardos, and the other two lets mamoswine handle, immunity to electric for thundurus and double weakness explointing for landorus. Glaceon/Weavile work as sub options here, but lack mamoswine or rampardos’s resistances, and Raikou’s only good agaisnt tornadus.
RC sink: rampardos if you had back luck finding them and Archeops isnt given rockthrow/rockslide, and maybe kyurem

All in all, doesnt seem like much candy will need be spent anywhere beyond Moltres with sky attack if one’s got decent dragon teams.

As for whats potentially good in gen 5 for use of the candy on

Zekrom, reshiram both have potential for best electric and fire respectively, while also posing very real threats to rayquaza’s dragon dominance, in both formes: landorus in ground, thundurus for electric. Terrakion depending on moves can be a great rock attacker, and if sacred swird is added and made very powerful, potentially cobalion and it could be great fighting types. Kyurem’s black and white forms if added could dwarf mamoswine’s ice dominance given their shear stats, while doing the same to rayquaza in dragon.


Counters. With any luck, I can get some more candy for the Pokémon themselves. Value your opinion.

To break it down, Gen 5 has some nifty type combos for its legendaries:

  • Cobalion: Steel/Fighting

  • Terrakion: Rock/Fighting

  • Virizion: Grass/Fighting

  • Tornadus: Flying

  • Thundurus: Electric/Flying

  • Reshiram: Fire/Dragon

  • Zekrom: Electric/Dragon

  • Landorus: Ground/Flying

  • Kyurem: Ice/Dragon

Lots of ice, rock, fighting, and dragon weaknesses here. Unless you want to slog an Articuno or a Regice into battle there aren’t any ice type legendaries worth the candy since Mamoswine/Glaceon/Weavile outclass them. Rock and Fighting currently don’t have any legendaries available.

Fortunately we have the best dragon in raids right now to handle Reshiram and Zekrom, so if you haven’t sunk any candy into Rayquaza now would be a good time to consider it. Palkia gets an honorable mention against Reshiram due to doubly resisting potential fire attacks. Ground is still a horrible type so Groudon gets outclassed heavily despite being super effective to 2/3’rds of the dragons. I’d advise against Rayquaza for Kyurem though, being weak to both sets of STAB means it’ll go down a lot. Rampardos is fast, but Meteor Mash Metagross will be elite since it resists both sets of STAB while outputting competitive DPS. Failing those and looking back at legendary options, Palkia and Dialga get honorable mentions against Kyurem since they only take neutral damage from ice attacks and Dialga also takes neutral damage from the dragon ones.

Cobalion is weak to fire, fighting, and ground. The points above about fighting and ground types and their legendary relevancy (or lack of) still hold true here. Fire has good legendaries though, so Moltres becomes a good option - in fact, if you have a Sky Attack one it’s worth coughing up the 2nd move cost for Overheat so it can run double duty against Virizion as well. Virizion’s double weakness to flying makes it the first - and only - raid flying type becomes relevant for, might as well run with it. You can also double duty or TM roulette Rayquaza for this role as well, as Air Slash/Aerial Ace is a top 3 pick.

Terrakion is weak to a lot. As far as legendaries go, Mewtwo and Kyogre come to mind. Currently Mewtwo’s strongest charge move against Terrakion is actually not Psychic but rather Focus Blast, though Psystrike could take the #1 spot once it’s released. I guess Azelf works here too but it’s budget Mewtwo and if you live where it’s not available you aren’t missing much. Meteor Mash Metagross is actually the king here so if these legendary options don’t interest you just throw him out.

Electric types will be helpful against Tornadus, Pokemon’s only pure flying type. Raikou and Zapdos are tempting but Zekrom and more importantly Thundurus have the potential to dethrone them, so you might want to consider non-legendary options here. Or use rock and ice types, who don’t have legendary representation.

Landorus is doubly weak to ice, which again has better non-legendary options.

tl;dr Rayquaza and Moltres are probably your best bets for legendary candy sinks, especially since fully utilizing the latter requires 2 charge moves. Palkia gets props against Reshiram and Kyurem, Dialga gets an honorable mention against Kyurem. Mewtwo, Azelf, and Kyogre are all nice against Terrakion but get outdone by non-legendary Pokemon. Electrics are nice, but will most likely be obsoleted this generation so they’re less safe.

It’s also worth noting that Reshiram stands to obsolete Moltres on the fire front if it gets ideal moves. While Sky Attack is a must for Virizion, teaching it a 2nd move may be more of a luxury than a necessity as you can get by with a myriad of non-legendary fire and fighting types for Cobalion.

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Although Groudon with Earthquake is outclassed against Reshiram and Zekrom, I would still consider it a good legendary to park RC with, simply because the Psystrike announcement increases the likelihood of Precipice Blades coming (possibly in time for Reshiram and Zekrom).

Depending on your Ice and Electric squads, Mewtwo may be worth parking RC with (perhaps to give your best Shadow Ball or Psystrike one a second charged move).

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At some point victini will also be coming whether it be a research in a few months or what. The reason I mention is if victini has its unique move v create it will he the strongest fire dps In the game.

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Since we’re just now getting the global release of Jirachi (who’s from Gen 3), it may be awhile before we see Victini. Niantic still has Shaymin and Manaphy/Phione to get through first. At the rate we’re going, Victini is 2 years away.

Victini’s stats aren’t exactly stellar (it has the same base atk/def/hp as Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi). While V-Create is a very powerful move in the main series, there’s no guarantee that it will have the same level of power in Go. On top of that, Victini can’t learn any of the currently available Fire-type quick moves in the game. So unless they add a new Fire quick move that it can learn and make V-Create absurdly powerful, things aren’t looking so hot for Victini in Go.

If v create is anywhere near the 180 base power it will do good damage to anything that doesnt resist It. Knowing this game so far though it wouldnt happen.

V Create will probably be quite good in Go. I’d expect something along the lines of Jirachi’s Doom Desire, hopefully a low-ish energy cost to be beneficial in PvP, where Vicini is likely to shine the most, but his attack power will be too low to make any real impact in PvE.

If I had to pick the 5 moves that he’d get, I’d go with:
Fast: Confusion and Charge Beam
Charge: V Create, Psyshock, and Dazzling Gleam

lol i like your optimism. You must be new to GO, welcome to the community.

That’s a pretty big “if” about V-Create. So far there’s been no consistency to the addition of signature attacks and until we see it in the game traffic I wouldn’t bank on it getting added. Expecting Victini in a few months is very optimistic to the point of unrealistic.

Thanks, I’m glad I asked. To my surprise, I discovered that I have one legacy Moltres that I scored in a trade for a shiny Buneary. However, its stats are 4/7/9. I play to raid, and I raid to score more damage than the guy standing next to me., so I am one of those IV chasers. My only other soft spot is Dialga, or I could grow my Ray squad. Would you still open up bag space for this Moltres?

If you need to make bag space now I’d dump the rare candies into it without powering it up immediately. Since that’s your only legacy Moltres I’d try to score a better one from someone potentially via lucky trade before pulling the trigger on it. If time comes for Virizion to be raided and you still don’t have a better one then you could bring it up to a lower threshold without maxing it.

Keep in mind that Dialga’s a soft mention here - it doesn’t outright resist Kyurem’s STAB moves where Metagross does, doesn’t resist Reshiram’s STAB moves where Palkia has double resistance to fire, and is held back by the slower-charging Dragon Breath. It’s not without merit though as it’s naturally bulkier and not being weak to dragon attacks is something none of the other dragon legendaries can say. I have one maxed and have enjoyed its use.

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keyrum because ice and dragon can crush dragons but also terrakion cuz fighting and rock are a great combo but for me i am using them sadly on … feebas:sob:

Are there that many legacy Moltres out there for trading?I got this one because neither of us knew what we were giving/getting. On the eve of Gen 5, what would you want in exchange for one of yours? I think this is my only legacy outside of all the CD and raid hour movesets that have been available for the past 13 months. There aren’t any on my (rather large) Discord channel. And btw, I don’t power up anything until an hour before I need it.

Sky Attack Moltres was available during Moltres’s raid hour last summer and the week all three birds returned as part of 2018’s Ultra Unlock. I can’t give an exact number but I’d be very surprised if the amount of legacy Moltres has dried up since then - I myself have kept a decent handful purely for trade purposes. I’d rather wager people who have them are being stingy and wanting to save them for lucky trades tbh.

If I were to trade one of mine I might try for another legendary or an extra shiny I already had registered (keep trade costs down), but if it was to help out someone I knew I probably wouldn’t be overly picky. I actually did part with one of mine as part of a lucky trade where the recipient offered a shiny Outrage Salamence since he evolved extra purely to trade. It isn’t something I would have asked for immediately but he offered and I wasn’t going to say no to a lucky shiny.

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Im not sure how good ray will actually be for these three at least compared to dialga, since its neutral to zekrom’s electric, weak to kyurem’s ice doubly. it only resists reshiram’s fire, ontop of being weak to dragon, Dialga seems a better option here over all, with the exception of reshiram’s fire setswhile neutral to their dragon and kyurem’s ice, but movesets could also play a roll here (and palkia could be better for kyurem ice and reshiram fire), and metagross is simply the best agaisnt Kyurem.
It seems like theres actually very little cross coverage for legendaries this gen, some are best for 2, maybe three, unlike other gens where theres been more shared supreme counters among the legendaries.

I wouldn’t park RC there until we get the announcement, RC converted there would actively be worse than not saving them if either PB doesnt come out before either, or Landorus actually gets earthpower, and parking RC in a Groudon would make it unable to be used by either landorus, or any other potentially more useful legendary.

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Rayquaza has 12% more DPS while Dialga has 65% more TDO. I guess if you wanted to save on revives or not bother with dodging Dialga stands out but in large group raids where you’re competing for damage balls as OP stated in a following post then you want to do as much damage as fast as possible.

I literally covered all of this in the same post, most of it from the same paragraph you quoted me from. You don’t need to remind me otherwise about it.

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yes, and that means half the relobbied/half the dialga needing powering up, as well as substantially less risk since the dragon moves are also a factor. In larger group raids, glassier options can either be the best or worst options, since relobbies and the frequents fainting can mean some substantial damage drop offs while if the relobbies dont happen/only one or two faints happen they are the best for damage maximization. For the elemental moves its a toss up.

But for the dragon moves, which may be just likely as the elemental ones, this is a cold win for dialga. Using a comparison to raid palkia with dragon moves, both DT and DB with draco meteor, dialga’s actually substantially faster that rayquaza (well over a minute), Palkia’s used as its the closest thing to compare statwise with. They have identical stats to dialga when in GO, and palkia’s the only thing with defense and attack close to dialga, its not an exact match, but its a much better example than something like latios or rayquaza

Its somewhat comparable preformance v the elemental moves, each have a better than the other match, but dialga’s much better for the dragon moves. I think that’d be a firm point to put dialga as more than an honorable mention agaisnt reshiram and zekrom since its a ‘safe’ option, mattering more since niantic made it a lot harder to guess what the boss’ charge moves are after they fixed the recommended for raids a bit when giratina O came.

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