Rare candy spending suggestions

Hi All

I have 57 Rare Candies to use.
Any suggestions what I should use them on? Do I spread them over perfect IV 'mon (currently have Vibrava and Flygon, save them for other perfect IV 'mon I happen to get, give them to 'mon that take like 5km to earn a candy and I need to evolve to get Dex completion, give them to 'mon to power up to get a higher CP for battle)?

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I bet 99% of the people will tell you only use RC on Legsndaries/Mythicals.

Personally, I’ve used RC for rare catches and PVP pokemons that I just needed few more candies. On theory they may recuperate the RC backs if you win >4 out of 5 matches in GBL.

I might give them to Vibrava to work toward evolving to Flygon being as it has perfect IVs. Current CP is 699 so may be useful once evolved for GL

Your Vibrava is lvl20 and a lvl20 Flygon will have CP higher than 1500.

Another issue with Flygon in GreatLeague is it’s so frail, especially when you have a hundo stats. Ideal IV for Flygon is 1/15/15 or so.

Well, what do you want to do or what do you like most in the end? I would suggest completely different if you like a) raids or b) PVP or c) want to complete your pokedex first - and d) do you walk a lot?

My 3542 Dragonite also seems a good option. IVs are 15/12/14

Flygon is squishy as paper in GL.

My main target is to finish pokedex but things like raids and PvP help with that through getting Pokemon / more candies.

At least better than Haun"glass cannon"ter

I don’t walk a huge amount. Probably around 10km a week.
I am trying to complete the Pokedex (know I will have trouble because of regionals). Defending gyms will help as will allow me to get coins to buy helpful things from the shop. Raids will also be useful for getting more candies / Pokemon you can’t get in the wild.
PvP isn’t too important for me. Some research of course calls for battles/wins to work towards getting more encounters

Personally, I wouldn‘t invest them in the Trapinch line as of now, given that the current Research Breakthrough IS Trapinch, with extra candy at that. If you catch them with a Pinap, you get 20something candy. I‘d rather use them for a good Legendary or a rare 10K Mon like Dragonite or something along the lines if you don‘t have much candy for those.


Do not spend them. Continue to earn more Rare Candy and learn more about the game.

The reason is that candy for legendaries/mythicals is much harder to earn. You have to wait for the specific legendary/mythical to be in raids or research, otherwise buddy walking earns only one candy per 20km (and they cannot be placed in gyms to feed for candy). Of course, most of the strongest species are legendaries: Mewtwo, Raikou, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Darkrai, Giratina-O and now Reshiram.


Rare candies are there for whatever you need them for. If you need to power up a specific Pokémon for raids and/or battles, prioritize those. If you want to max something out for it’s novelty, or any other reasons, do that too if you can’t think of anything else you need.

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For raids - Zekrom will be the next T5 raid boss and you’ll want Dragon types, Ice types, and Ground types (for when it is sunny/clear). If you need to beef up any of those types, use your Rare Candy on them.

For gym defense - Blissey. End of discussion.

For Pokedex - Well only you can decide on this one as you know what you’re missing from your dex. Even if you don’t walk very much, focus first on Pokemon that require more walking (10km vs 5km vs 1km) and focus on the bigger ones for Rare Candy and set the smaller ones as your buddy.

In Cloudy weather Togekis and Gardevoir arte really decent too( avoid Wild Charge). In neutral, they still Decent vs Crunch and Draco Meteor, unless you try trio.

Well the utility answer is legendaries/mythical given the rarity of those.
However, semi rare catches arent a bad idea, especially if you really want it and have few pokemons that fulfill that role (e.g. Togekiss as there’s few fairies out there).
Also keep in mind how often you can earn more and if there’s any future pokemon you’d like to train in case you want to save the candy.

I’ve been playing since September, and i’ll give you my perspective of how to use rare candies.

The majority of people will say save them for Legendary and mystic pokemon. I followed this advice as it does make sense to some degree. But it didn’t take long to realise this wasn’t the best advice as the majority of legendary and mystic pokemon are junk.

I’ve learned to prioritise rare candies for pokemon I want to raise quickly but are fairly rare to get, such as Riolu, Gible, Beldum and anything that is good for PvP… especially pokemon such as Registeel, Giratina or any other rare/legendary which you want a second move for.

Perfect IV pokemon are fun to have, but if the pokemon is trash anyway, such as Flygon, then there’s no point using candies on them. The same really applies to all dex fillers.

At this point in the game I use my candies on rare/legendary pokemon I want to use for Great and Ultra league, as it’s a worthwhile investment since you can earn candies back.

Aditional: Despite what I just said I have recently used what I had on Evolving, Maxing and giving a second move to a 96% Shadow Metagross. On the same day I maxed it out I also caught a 100% Shadow Beldum, so am working on that one now.

Use them how you think feels right for you, but weigh up the pros and cons before you do. There is no rush to max out a 100% common pokemon, or evolving just for a dex entry as it will all happen in a relatively quick time anyway.

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Even if (which is not the case) the majority of the legendary and mythical pokemons were junk - you likely own at least two or three which are not junk and justify the use of RC at least to power them up a bit.

But honestly, which legendary or mythicals are complete junk?
Imo it is only Regigigas, Azelf, Mesprit and Ho-Oh, Celebi and Deoxys Speed. Rather a minority than a majority.

@theitdemon: There is at least nothing wrong with powering up Dragonite, But if it is already at 3542, there is not TOO much use for powering it up more at this point.

Perhaps, but an even larger majority of non-legendary Pokemon are complete junk. On the other hand, if you were to list down the most powerful and useful Pokemon in the game, about half would be legendaries. If you have caught Mewtwo, Kyogre and Darkrai but yet to power them up, they are far better uses for Rare Candy than non-legendaries. The current legendary, Reshiram, and the next one, Zekrom, are also top-tier (a moment of silence for Moltres and Raikou).

I agree that there are a few top-tier non-legendaries worth spending Rare Candy on, depending on your circumstances. For example, I will never regret spending Rare Candy on my Blissey, because gyms in my area are very competitive and maxing her out has earned me many more coins over a long period. I am walking Riolu and when I get one with great IVs, I will spend just enough Rare Candy to max it out. Since I have already maxed out Mewtwo, Moltres, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza and Darkrai, my only better use for Rare Candy would be Reshiram, Giratina-O and future legendaries (Zekrom and Landorus-T).

On the other hand, Beldum had its own Community Day, also featured in December re-runs and is currently farmable from Sierra, so I have over a thousand Beldum candy and would not recommend spending Rare Candy on it. Garchomp is cool but not the best in either of its types and a strong candidate for a future Community Day.

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The most important thing is not to feel like you have to use it just because you have it. Save it until you need it for something.
It is 100% up to you which pokemon you feel are worth using it on, but don’t use it until you have something in mind you want to do, otherwise you’ll end up in a scenario where you want some and have none left. (like maybe you catch a good rare pvp pokemon and want to get it battle-ready before the next league begins)
Generally best to use it on things that you have difficulty getting candy for normally, and which you will actually use in tthe immediate future

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