Rare Prisms

Hello guys
This my first time have 5 rare prisms T_T. Yeah, im F2P Player so i rarely burn my 4* servant. What i must unclock first?

I’m here because curious on who’s servants that you burned :fgo_shock:


Being in the same situation, I wondered much the same thing myself. You can find some thoughts on it and recommendations by others here. Marked trubo’s post as solution in case you can tolerate storing them away for the time being.

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Beowulf, and Gawain, and i forgot the others

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IMHO In this order:

  1. Mona Lisa
  2. Chaldea lunchtime (comes out in RP shop later this year)
  3. lore
  4. whatever you want

Mona Lisa. MLB it ASAP since this one will help you with your QP problem

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Bear in mind that there is a 5000 Mana Prism price-tag attached to that, though, you “only” unlock the card and its copies for MLB to buy in the MP shop.
But that need not be an argument against Leonarda’s card should you have no further definite use for MP - monthly shipments of tickets, embers and fou cards - as was also discussed in my linked thread.

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I’d replace “lore” by “saving for bond grails”. Unless you’re a whale and got tons of RP to spare, lores are way way too expensive to spend rare prisms on when you can wait 2 weeks for the next event instead. Bond grails however unlock bond levels 11-15 so your Waver and Arash will never get to rest, and every level beyond 10 is 30 SQ. It takes ages to reach these levels but it’s the best RP investment after Lunchtime and Mona Lisa imo, especially as a f2p.
If you’re in lore hell, a single lore is a drop in the bucket and costs a whopping 5 RP. Getting up to 150 SQ (and the satisfaction of being able to use Waver and Arash in your lottery setups without wasting bond points again) for 3 RP instead is the more worthwhile investment imo as a f2p.


My own personal opinion as a F2P (sans GSSRs) is that

  1. burning any gold servant I get, even copies, is not something I really want to do–I had saved one copy of Astolfo for this purpose, and I’m glad I didn’t hearing about their improvement which comes this summer.

  2. As for QP, I only ever run the daily once per day, and even at that, I never run it during events. I bet I’ve gotten 95% or more of my QP from events (as non-drops) which doesn’t improve with the CEs, right? (Even if it did, you’re usually 100% committed to event CEs anyways.) And I’m currently sitting at around 90 mil (probably having spent about 150 mil so far this year, or more). Thus, I don’t think I’d get my MPs’ worth out of my own copy of Mona Lisa. I sometimes use a friends’ however because why not if it’s free? :slight_smile:

  3. As for bond, it took me over a year to bond 10 Hans, my first bond 10. Probably took 6 months for bond 9-10… And I’ll only ever really try to bond 10 someone for their CE, as I only care about gameplay. So, given that I never bond-farm, I’m not sure I’d get my MPs’ worth out of Lunchtime/Teatime.

  4. Earlier this year, I doubted I would get enough MPs to consider spending the exorbitant sum of 5k, but for the first time, I’ve managed to save up that many. But still, they feel more valuable to me than I’d want to spend on these CEs.

So, I’m not saying that everyone should follow my behavior, but just that you should think about how you play and what you want to accomplish before making these sizable investments–and even then, which one you want (QP or bond or whatever might be coming down the line).

(FYI, my aversion to heavy farming is probably why I have over 200 gold apples…)

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Based on what you said i have 2 recomendations:
Anniversary Blonde, Royal Brand or Mona lisa.

Even if you don’t farm, having an AoE Rider witha MLB one is a great income of FP. Most of my FP comes from my Passionlip holding it or my farming servants (Mordred and Santa Lily).

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mona lisa and chaldea lunchtime are the only ones I’d actively recommend, unless you’re swimming in rare prisms

in which case, add anniversary blonde

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Well, is Chaldea Lunchtime shop must be unlocked by RP?

spending a rare prism to unlock it makes it indefenitely purchasable from the mana prism shop, yes. though it’s not available in the rare prism shop as of yet

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When Chaldea Lunchtime come back? Is it must be unlocked by RP?

Please do not use RP for lores, or any consumable item other than bond grails. You will rarely get these RPs and burning them on something you can get for free is quite wasteful.


Yeah, every reintroduced CEs costs RP to unlock again after the initial MP exchange period has expired, and will still cost 5000 MPs for all of them afterwards. Happened in JP on the 11m Download campaign in November 2017, so it’ll probably hit NA around the same time, just probably as the 8m(?) downloads campaign.

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Thanks for your help