Rare Prisms?

So, I was running the current event, got all the stuff a second time, but haven’t turned anything in just yet. I got morning stars, etc.

I recall hearing that you could earn Rare Prisms instead of Ishtar and stuff. But I never saw that option. Then I though that by burning Ishtar, I could get them, but after looking (not burning yet), I see that’s not the case.

So, am I crazy? Are there no Rare Prisms? Or am I missing something very obvious?

1: You get RP alongside NP6+ copies of a unit.
2: Not by burning. See 1.
3: This starts with Christmas 3/Altera the San(ta) rerun, assuming you already have her.

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Ahh, so Summer Ishtar doesn’t count for this? Dang, wish I realized that earlier. Thanks for the swift answer

There is one free rare prism for this event. If you already got the Medb costume key, the clear reward for her challenge quests becomes a rare prism instead.


That I did not do last year. Good to know.

Yes, she does not. See here.

Super thanks. Now I can rest in piece for not reading correctly :sweat_smile:

:+1: Enjoy the new Summer grind.

how in the name of jesus christ do people hear you can get rare prisms
but miss the very obvious cavet
that it only starts from christmas 3 rerun
are there seriously a bunch of malicous people out there who like to sprout untrue bs to confuse newbies

or is this the fault of newbies for not asking and researching fully :thinking:


Pls no bully


Ummm. I took a long break after Summer 2. Like, long. I saw the news from afar, and didn’t feasibly read too much into it, since I didn’t play around then.

I came back, and thought it worked a particular way.

As for “malicious people”. I’d be a bit less speedy to call people on things you have no evidence of, and instead just be constructive, since this could be doubt for someone else, and could be helpful to see this post, and read through it. With some actually useful advice. :feh_ikestare:

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