Rascal Does Not Dream of Pretty Boi and no, Your General Can't Be That Cute. My Big Monster sure looks cool, but we all know we gonna be in for a damn Golden Drunk Time. What do you mean I'm mixing titles? It's the SIN PART1 ROLL THREAD bois!

Disclaimer: Mild LB3 spoilers in some of the Art.

So LB 3 got announced for 26th November, 2020, 00.00 PST, banner probably drops then too. Time to make the Part 1 roll thread, as an apology for spending 30sq on Gil, instead of on my Prince.

Banner features all general pool line-up.

SSR Beserker Xiang Yu.

SR Saber Prince of Lanling.

SR Lancer Qin Liangyu.

R Assassin Jing Ke.

I’ll update the info in as we get it.






Servant Details






…The sheer density of cringey anime references in this thread’s title is astounding.


Thank you, I made a bet and lost as you can probably tell. This is my end of the bargain.


NGL Thicc Chinese Thighs and Pretty boy Changgong are tempting, but they’ll be added to the general summoning pool once the campaign ends and so too will Centaur General Grievous

Hard pass. Best of luck to those who will roll for them


Gonna be brutally honest I forgot qin even existed I thought it was only Xiang yu and lanling

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So… i really want Yu because she’s the closest thing to Tsukihime we can get in this game but i’m not planning on summoning her horse centaur mecha(?) husband so she most likely won’t answer my summons.

and now i can’t even count on the free SR ticket




I know, you have no idea how badly I wanna change that title, but a bet’s a bet, and I lost


First time looking at sevant pages for these that aren’t the pretty boi prince of lanling. Never realized that the zerker was another centaur. So we get two centaur in Sin? Didn’t know the Chinese had centaurs in their mythology, thought that was just a western thing (but the only Chinese mythology I really know is the parts adapted by the Japanese so not too surprising).

And the lancer… That’s an interesting np. Low level debuffs on enemies, but only applies as you hit them like Hokusai…okay. And heal allies as she takes critical hits? Does that mean she should be paired with Kerry so she can get a taunt? I really don’t know how you would really use her effectively.

Yeah, only interested in the prince.

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Qin Liangyu is kinda hard to fully utilize tbh. Everywhere I search that’s all I find.

Xinag Yu is meant to be a crit zerk but his gimped NP gain on NP hurts him a lot. Prince is probably best in the banner.

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lb 3 spoiler? Maybe?

Those fanarts with yu miaoyi and xiang yu kinda tell a lot already about their relationship, i wonder if that counts as spoiler? Then again, most people probably already know about them.

That said, xiang yu is absolutely badass. My primary target is qsh in the other banner, so I’ll just hope he will spook me one day. Maybe the chances of getting him get higher when I summon his girlfriend for him.

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Hmm I know, I just had a hard time finding fanart of the dude without Yu in it.

I’m just gonna hope most people know about it already.

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At least you got some good looking fanart. It’s always kinda risky to go to discussion or even roll threads etc when you want to avoid spoilers.

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Yeah. I just hope I don’t spoil some poor noob. I’d feel bad. Tbh tho I tried choosing the most non-spoilery ones.

Maybe include it in the title? “Light lb 3 spoilers” or something?
Tbh I also didn’t play lb 3 yet, so I’m not really sure if it is a minor or a significant spoiler.

Well anyways, I’m making the decision that I will (try to) avoid all lb 3 related content from now on until it gets released.

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Hmm, I’ll do that on top of the OP. Thanks!

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I might not be a noob, but I’ve now been spoiled :scream:

but it’s mostly my fault for sticking my nose in LB3 threads in the first place, I have a hard time resisting



But I’m sure you already had an idea…

Also don’t worry, it’s not that much of a spoiler without context really.


Actually I really didn’t know anything about the zerker except that he had an unappealing face in the icon image. I only look up jp servants that get talked up a lot, which for LB3 really only meant lanling and QSH, but minorly Red Hare.

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