Rashomon+Onigashima: AoE vs ST

Yey, my first Rashomin :laughing:
For upcoming damage points farming, which one produce more damage pts? ST does have higher output damage but if AoE servant like Gil is buffed against whole enemies, his lower np multiplier produce 3x time damage pts (I read the walkthrough that there will be so many full berserker enemies in main quest so I wonder if Gil will be better option)

Which one is better for damage pts farming? Or crits is better option?

If we’re talking strictly damage points, ST. Only the damage dealt to Ibaraki counts towards the points.

AoE, of course works well to clear out the hands accompanying Ibaraki though this will allow her to take two attacks per turn, something which previous experience has shown to be fatal at times since she hits hard and crits hard.

If you bring an AoE Servant, it will have to be someone who can also deal great ST damage (Gil is a good choice as is Raikou) so they can keep beating down on Ibaraki.

Speed is key here. The faster Ibaraki falls the better. Unlike last year though, you actually keep the damage points even if you lose the fight so that’s one less worry. Last year we had to stay alive if we wanted to keep the points we earned.

As to the other enemies, the main story isn’t an issue since they tend to be weak, as is the case in many events. But the mobs for the raid will change classes depending on event story progression. Ibaraki, however, will always be a Berserker.

Sorry for the dumb question, but does that mean there’s no point (pun not intended) in defeating the hands since they don’t give damage points, or do we eventually have to beat them to end the battle?

Hands provide drops for event currency so kill them if you can. What was suggested last year was to focus on the 6m Raid for the damage points, and the 1m for the drops.

This was because even with an AoE Servant, 1m is low enough (considering the ATK boosting CEs) to kill without problems. But 6m,depending on personal strategy and line-up may make it hard to focus on both the 6m HP Ibaraki and the 300k HP hands. Also, the lower difficulty of the 1m raid meant being able to bring more drop bonus CEs instead of ATK bonus CEs.

This year we have the 3m Raid, which has the same BP cost as the 1m Raid so there’s some middle ground between the 1m and 6m Raids unlike last year.

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And thank goodness for the middle ground. 1mil I could handle pretty easily, but the 6mil slaughtered me last year. 6 mil might be doable this year though since my lineup is much stronger after a year of farming and summons

True. I’ll probably run 3m once to see how it goes then go for the 6m. I’m confident I can take on the 6m though. I’ve got an NP2 Nero Bride for NP spamming. Not sure if I’ll lead with an AoE to take care of the hands first or switch to an AoE once Ibaraki’s nearly dead. Don’t wanna waste those drops after all.

Consider using a damage calculator (I can provide a link if you need to check it) to check how much damage you can get out of an initial burst for each of your setups. That may give you a better idea of whether you can deal enough AOE damage in that first burst to make it worth your while.

This is my first time running the event so this helped me out figure out my setups.

e.g. I have a proposed AOE setup for my roster of Mash/Emiya/Waver/ Plugsuit Merlin and EMIYA can get me 800k+ AOE damage (which will destroy those hands) in that setup. In the 6M node that leaves Ibaraki with a still troublesome 5.2M HP.

If I swap EMIYA out for Carmilla then I can deal 1.6M damage to Ibaraki alone, leaving her with 4.4M and the two hands intact after that initial turn which seems like a better setup to acquire Damage Points.

This isn’t even a double memelin setup which I’m considering i.e. Mash/DPS/Merlin/Plugsuit Metlin to maximise that initial burst of damage.

If you can deal enough AOE damage to deplete a good portion of that HP then go ahead, otherwise keep to ST for Damage points, leave AOE for currency farming.

sadly I don’t have Merlin or Waver… yet!
So I can only bring one of them from friend support
With that in my mind, which one I should raise? Do I need lv 80/90 Gil or lv 70 Euryale?

I think Gil, especially if you can get his 3rd skill upgrade. He’s strong as an AOE servant AND as ST. Euryale is more of an anti-male specialist.

Gil does insane crits, his NP will do bonus damage against Ibaraki, he has crit star gathering to facilitate his crit potential, he also has an NP battery and golden rule for NP generation. There’s a reason he’s Tier 1.

You should use Merlin with him rather than waver, his buffs will make Gil hit HARD in the NP and crit fronts as well as provide hard invincibility protection.

Also, have you raised Mash? Her defense bonuses, taunt, and invicibility will be a lifesaver if you have.

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We’re putting the finishing touches on the guides, but there’s actually no reason rewards-wise to ever do 3 BP unless you skipped part of the event.

Ah, then please give tips for those who late to follow the event. Probably I’m gonna miss Onigashima, except for the last 4 days…

OMG! What can I get from 4 days left? :cry:

Well that’s good news! So getting >1M AOE damage in the 2 BP node to clear the hands and Ibaraki at the same time instead of struggling with the 3M or 6M HP nodes is actually reasonably efficient use of BP with this rerun?

So, it’s fine to forgot Euryale and focus all exp to Gil instead?

Yeah, focus on Gil. He’ll be extremely useful in this event and throughout the game in general.

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ah sorry, I meant that the 3 million node is good. I wouldn’t advise the 1 million unless you just want to quickly blast through stacks of leftover rice balls.

Wait a minute… If I’m not wrong Onigashima Raid Boss isn’t servant, but has male trait. Does it mean Euryale deal more NP damage? And what do u think Chloe as another alternative?

It’s the opposite. Onigashima Raid Boss is Ibaraki-Douji, who is a female Servant. Euryale will not deal bonus damage to her. Chloe is an ok option as a DPS if you have nobody else, but there’s no particular reason to use her for this fight.

That’s… interesting. I would’ve figured 3BP would be best if you could do it, since you get double the damage in for only 50% more BP. Or is it a matter of opportunity cost through being forced to equip more Carp CEs instead of drop bonuses or whatevre?

It’s the BP cost that causes it. You have worse drops per run, but you can do 1.5 as many runs.

Ah okay, thanks for clearing that up. I’m still fiddling around with setups in my head anyway.