Rashomon Roll Thread

I really wanted to get the fox CE and maybe a banana so I limited myself to five rolls.

First two rolls I got the 3 and 4 star craft essence. This was roll three:

Then roll four:

And roll five I finally got my CE.

Pretty happy even if banana-less! I NEEDED a gold assassin!


I don’t know, I wish Servant-transfer were a thing. Don’t care about the weird, yellow dwarf at all. Doesn’t mean I’ll incinerate her, but…

I digress, to the rolls: I had announced my intention on the other thread to roll for that class-act, 5*-lass. The rolls, then, starting off at 148-ish crystals, totalling 270 - again! - like the rounds I threw at Quetza-lass (<33333).
First draw, the RNG-gods willed me to have this:

Reason enough to just be satisfied with the draw and move on, you’d say, correct? I do have Lvl 50 NP5 Fuuma in the wings to max ascend as an AoE-Assassin after all, I can do some memery with good Siegfred and Georg, and I finally have my very own buff-bot - not enough gears to split between him and Kar both right now, though, those blue MG-bots in 'murika will have to suffer, I reckon…
This not being an absolutely random story-summon session, I of course continued for the one draw I actually wanted on this banner.

A further 3 draws went by, threw next round, got a few NP-levels for the yellow dwarf, then, draw no. 8, with 240 crystals spent got me this pleasant surprise:

Why, welcome aboard, Madame d’Eon! :smiley:

Slotu machin simulator and the actual draw itself being two separate things, I didn’t give too much thought yet whether this will be that one, catastrophic draw approaching several hundred crystals, or even breaking a 1000, before the target I actually want comes along or it never does, even. And lo! next draw, the 9th, 270 crystals spent, saw this:

Ah, pleasant, and I will definitely take the NP4-dwarf, but that lass is a pleasure to listen to, yes…^_^
Due to materials, she too will have to wait for max ascension, however.

Onigashima will only see the 11 tickets or more I currently got thrown at it for CE and such. Zerk Raikou happens to be among those, I’ll admit that’ll scare me a good bit, what with the draws I had in recent banners…:fgo_shock:
Next “shopping”-tours will be the summer banners, and there all I want is 4* lasses - those being Lance-Kiyo, fist-fighting Martha, maaaybe Assassin-Nitocris and Lance-Raikou, to be specific. Doable without becoming a crystal-sink, right?


I used 7 tickets and 60 sq. That netted me no even CE’s, or event servants, but I did get an additional Rama, making him NP3. All in all, disappointing, but considering my previous luck streak, it’s fair. Now to wait for Summer.

9 rolls to get 2 SSR?
That’s some nice good luck, I’d say B rank. Since you also got the servant you wanted I’d say B+.

I’ll refrain from rolling though. I really don’t care that much for the drinking horned loli. And the banana can spook me anytime.

'Sides I’m hoarding for the Summer.

In other news, I finally got to 300 SQ. Which for me is a lot.
Also: What?! Just 3 Quartz for maintenance woes?! Albert you cheapskate!

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2 tickets - Zerkerlot (NP3 now, so that’s good I guess) and a burnable Touta.

Given that I already got an SR, I thought “time to try my luck, might as well”. 5 x 10 pulls and 8 single pulls (174 SQ in total).

7 x 3* CE - gonna MLB a copy.
3 x 4* CE
3 x 5* CE

The rest was burnable/CE bomb stuff. No Banana and no Shuten. At least my support will be set up with CEs, I guess.

People with EX rank luck should go and EXPLODE!!!


Yep. We should.

I hope I get more luck with any tickets from the event lol. While I appreciate event CEs and another Black Grail, it does hurt to get very little out of it.

Didn’t screenshot got np2 shuten in 120 first 60 was 3 4 Star ces which let me limit break the one I kept (I just started playing when this event was about to end so I had one 5 star ce already and 2 4 stars)

3rd ten roll got me 2 bananas which was already np5 so yay more rare prisms and shuten.

4th gave me a Medusa lancer, a nito, another banana, and my second shuten. Gotta day that last roll was stacked with servants lol

So between Ishtar in 60, quetz in 90, and shuten np2 in 120 i just got some bs luck outs nowhere. Guess I should go burn in hell

against my better judgement, I decided to toss a single 10-roll to try and get the gorgeous Tamamo CE (Shuten and/or NP2+ Ibaraki would’ve been nice bonuses too though)

terrible roll, all things considered. though I got the CE at least, and not just another shirtless Kirei

If I see that fuckin’ temple one more time…

it’s on secret rate up because Japan themed event

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I’m shocked,

Got 1 ticket from the damage point reward, 1 roll ticket = shuten

with ishtar i think i use all my luck, rip merlin/eresh

10 rolls + 8 tickets…

Results salts…

1 marie, 1 tamamo CE, 1 kiyo CE, Cu Cullain, Boudica, Room Guards 2x(darn Jinako, stop haunting me), Medea, Medusa, 2 3 star CE, and several more useless 3 star CE… :fgo_jeannu:

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After all the worthless yolo rolls I’ve done recently, one would think I’d have learned by now.

But I have 13 tickets and that means lucky number 13. Let’s roll.

Golden lights fail to appear, and there’s only one line of light in the background; a Craft Essence.

I’m about to curse and untangle my fingers when I notice the red back of the card.

It’s the Fox’s CE.

I dunno whether to feel salty or not.

congratz on your rolls .In my case i did like 30 rolls hoping to get the 5star ce (already have shuten she was my first ssr)and then i got atlanta (that made me happier than getting the 5star ce since i wanted her so badly xD)

2 tickets, 2 3* event CEs.

At this point I might as try try to MLB it. I kind of want Shuten because Arts AoE assassin…but I also kind of don’t want Shuten because Shuten.

Will totally take that Tamamo CE, though.

I want Shuten because Ibaraki

too bad summer is soon though, and I’ll probably roll a bit more than I did last time for Onigashima. since I all but completely skipped that banner last year, due rather wanting to avoid Raikou as long as possible. just did some singles until I got the Kiyo+Tamamo CE, which was my main goal

will probably just roll on a Kintoki day this time. though a part of me wishes there was a Kintoki+Tamamo day, even if I already have her at NP3

Single ticket xddddd


So far my tickets just gave me salt