Rashoumon FTP Talk, 3 Star and Below


Know there is a similar topic, but given that has a bunch of 5 stars tagged to it.

Team Composition. More specifically, 3 Star and Below Team composition. What Servants would be good here that are more or less, free.

Mash is the only one everyone has, so even being 4 Star, she is allowed. Merlin, on the other hand, most certainly isn’t.

So, Team Comp that can actually defeat each Stage of the fight. Any Ideas?


Tawara will be great since he has extra damage against Demonic on his AOE NP. You can pair him with Leonidas, Shakespeare and Caesar for some buff stacking by starting with Leo, Tawara and Shakes, then plug-suit in Caesar for his buffs. Since different buffs together are multiplicative, using all four should make for massive damage.
I’m sure they’re other options but this was the first team I thought of.


Arash will be good too I think for clearing those hand maybe?


Ushi as main F2P damage dealer for the Caster day (potentially the zerc as well). Strong as hell NP (has a NP interlude, easy to NP5), is quick, so, full synergy with Shanna-oh CE). Is Rider, so, will suck the stars from Golden Carp+Plugsuit.

As different buffs stack multiplicatively, Caesar is her best F2P buffer (crits, attack, NP dmg), followed by Hans.

Shakespeare+Bedi+MLB Dragons Meridian for the Lancer Day will cause fast damage from the very begining. Def ups of Mash are also nice. Plugsuit move Shakespeare out for a Caesar or Hans.

Leonidas is a good sustainable Buster Support (3 turns, CD 5 max, 25% buster up on max). But his damage is pitiable. At Least he wont steal stars, and contribute with more than a single turn.


Hmm for rashoumon generally the 3 star that will be shine so bright is gonna be Cu, David, Caesar, Ushi, Tawara, Robin and Billy.

For 2 star it will gonna be Georgios, Leonidas, CA Hassan, Arash and all 2 star casters.

And if you have Santa alter (I Know she is a 4 star but she is free, so I will put her in here), she will be a really good damage dealer in this event due her hard hitting Np. Her NP Damage will definitely obliterates pretty much everything (except assassin) and things will be much better if she gets a buster buff from support servant. So if you F2P, it’s better investing your time and resources to Max her third skill.


Some peeps did videos on them
Jsu look it up ._.


Single target attackers will be the best here. Robin Hood is probably the best 3-star DPS for this stuff. With the bonus damage CE, at NP5 he can deal up to a million damage on his NP. Ushiwakamaru and Bedivere are good ones too.

Georgios and Leonidas. Since the hands and Ibaraki are all single target attacks, these two are very good at taking the heat off of your main damage dealers.

Also the Cu’s. Every single one of them. With their three-hit evade, FSN Cu, Proto Cu and Caster Cu are all very good at surviving everything and just staying alive forever. Expect to go the distance and just run out the turn clock instead of actually ever beating Ibaraki but its a great strat for lower level players.

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