Rat King Arigato Saria(Support)

Thanks for my friends who borrowed me a “Saria” E2 Lv>20. The “rat king” would be near impossible without her.
With her high amount of hp she’s one of his favored target with Nearl E2 14, more Hp than E2 lv40 Ch’en.
And with her area skill she can block and stay alive.
CB-EX7 challenge mode is a big example.

CB-EX8 challenge mode (I really want Saria now)
The Dream T(ea)(m)
0 operators killed
Silverash is more protected than the doctor, surrounded by beautiful women.
Nobody could hurt him.
I should fire him :).
Kroos saved my day when she killed a ghost who escaped with 1mm of hp.

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Congrats! He eventually walks up once he hits the center so i killed him in the upper center part of the map

Wow, I can’t believe he lives that long and everyone’s alive

Congrats on clearing it

I tried todaybut it ate up my training plans for breakfast. I did get him very low in the top corner though, so hopefully I can make it work tomorrow.