Rate my Builds for the Picnic Twins :feh_flaynyay:

So, as some people know, I want to build the Picnic Twins in HoF and I’m now planning on saving for them so I can improve them as, with this opportunity and refines possibly in the horizon, I think it would be really good to improve them

So the builds:

What I’ll aim for in HoF:

Wanted to go more of a Near Save Tank Route with Flora since I already have a Save Green Axe Tank in Mamori and Flora had a good stat line to be a fun Near Save Tank so her build focuses more on a good balance of tanking

Felicia is focused on more of a PP focus (Could do GaleForce if I wanted to but thought the Iceberg would be better for purely damage but Galeforce could also be good) since I wanted a more PP oriented armor since I don’t have any and the Res Solos are used to help stack Res with her weapon so both her and Flora run off of having good Res for the weapon

Anyways, feel free to comment or critique any of the builds if I could improve them in anyway

As for the different weapons or Specials or other skills in the HoF picture, I did that because they come with their weapons and the other skills is either A: They come on the unit or B: They are pretty readily available skills that would be a bit wasteful to forma

Credit to an @Almond on here :feh_flaynyay:


I can’t recommend Near Save on Flora for anything but a for fun build

Her Def stat is really lacking even with her Prf and she is hopelessly outclassed by Arden in the role. At least with Far Save her only real competition is Henriette and arguably Duo Idunn

Felicia I feel could use more Def unless you’re exclusively making her a dragon killer


Felicia as a daring fighter is a solid idea. She gets bulk and more Spd off her Prf reducing the foe’s Atk/Spd, so it makes sense she can go fight off on her own on the front lines.

Flora as a near save is totally unexpected but effective as she too gets more bulk from her Prf and would HEAVILY discourage F!Edel users. But D/R far save won’t be in the skill pool for this next HoF since Artur just came out.


The thing is

Besides Mamori, I don’t really like the armored units too much that are out

I only build favorites so I don’t care if she is outclassed too much

I’m not super competitive anyways but I do understand that it is a unconventional build and there are units who could do it better


D/R Near Save I found out was on V!Gustaev or however you spell it so it should be out


I generally don’t recommend Near Save on ranged units because of the need to run Close Counter/Foil/Reversal which means missing out on either Guard or Unity/debuff negation, and they have lower stats than their melee counterparts. But if that’s how you feel I won’t stop you


I helped make these builds :slightly_smiling_face:


For the ideas you have, Flora is perfect as you built her, courtly mask is solid for her if you dont use her prf.
As for Felicia I would like to change the A slot for atk/res ideal, her prf works with res and she lacks atk, even if she loses the HP condition the stride or armor march will count as a bonus active on her so you can always have +7 to atk and res +9 if she is at full HP.


Oh right right, near save is out yeah. I was thinking far was linked to 2 range and near was linked to 1 range for whatever reason…


I forgot to credit the almond himself lol :fgo_bblaugh:


If you plan on using Felicia with Special Fighter, I suggest using Glacies over Iceberg. She’s fast enough to make a follow-up and activate either special if the foe attacks.


Or… You know… You could go for an insta-kill save build:


I’ve built my Felicia like this:

This set works exceptionally well against nearly anything, she’s even bulky enough to survive some red armor killers.
I really don’t know how to improve her, but at least I finally get a merge!

For Flora I’m trying to get an EP build like this:

Her base kit works well enough on PP so I see no need to get any skills for it on HoF


That’s a lot of Ouch if Glacies kicks in :feh_sigurdeyes:


Nice builds. Good to see another picnic twin enthusiast.

Only comment has been mentioned above about Galcies with SF and an ideal for Felicia as it’s really easy to keep active while a solo comes with strict positioning.
I’m hoping to use a forma on her and aiming for RS, Distant Stance or Atk/Spd Ideal, Daring Fighter and a menace

Love the near save Flora idea, always best to build your favourites.

Given she is a favourite and I want to show her off.

My only 5* exclusive +10 seasonal (Felicia is +8, DC/SF). Mixed phase idea with Bold Fighter for player phase and attack stacking for enemy phase with guard. Works well for the level I’m at but I’m not bothered about high tiers in arena or AR.
She also got A/D Near Save from Dedue with the stance if I ever want to go that same direction as you.

Can’t wait for the twins refines next spring.


I mean you could go near save with Mamori, and Far save with Flora :slight_smile:


I have to concur with the above; Def/Res Menace is a skill well worth considering on either Picnic twin and they are among a tiny handful of units that can make very good use of it and don’t prefer an Atk Menace over it

The 12 visible Res stat swing is amazing for their Prfs, and on Felicia in particular the Def debuff helps with her lower damage output