Rate my builds, please

First helbindi:

Aside from heavy blade 2, which will become 3, I’d say both builds came out pretty well.


I feel he could do better with another special, but what?

My boi ranulf…

1 fury build(offence) and 1 posture build(defence)…


Yes, no, basically base kit, no, yes


So defence ranulf over fury…
And what would you suggest for reyson?
Any changes I should make on ranulf?

Reyson makes good use of Orders and Aerobatics if you use him in non-beast teams. Could also go for Guidance too.

Can’t really speak on Reyson or Ranulf, but I CAN speak on Summer Helbindi.
And it just so happens I use both of those builds!

However, if you get Guard Sword Fodder, swap out Sandfort Spade for it and then plug in Special Spiral (and refine the weapon with a res refine to help with Mages/Dragons). You can also just slap Barrier Blade on and swap for Glacies/Iceberg.

The Brave Sword build is basically perfect, but you MAY want to run an Impact skill instead of Death Blow. But make that decision based on what’s more important to you.
Play it safe by disabling follow ups while adding +8 damage to those :b:ignis :b:ombs? Or why worry about follow-ups when you can bash their skulls in with raw damage?


…I mostly use him in a beast team, which I favor heavily…
To be honest, I’ve never used a beast unit in a non-beast team.
But I keep your tips in mind for later down the road


Forget what I said I’m kinda blind

TA reyson

Ta? Then again, it sounds like a better move than fury, which his page suggested

lol its not a bad idea. i use triangle adept on reyson with swift sparrow to get surprise kills in AR since people dont expect him to do damage. in pve, it was (and still sort of is) hard to get a good green offensive beast, so TA on reyson can help cover blues.

Yarne, perhaps?

NY lethe is the best green beast currently by quite a lot, and imo she has one of the top 5 player phases currently in the game. Yarne is a bit better as a galeforcer, but she’s better in pretty much every other way.

What tf happened here

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Errr nothing

that only makes everyone more curious

story time?


Story: we did a dum-dum. Story over

typical Chris10 thread.
I live for these. I’m just sad I missed the dum-dum this time.

Are my threads bad or something?

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