Rate my kaze

Spd smoke will be a 3 one day

Moving to Q&A. This is not a Discussion… Might not be a Q&A exactly either, but this is definitely not a Discussion. Maybe Fluff.


Is he for general use or so you have a special role for him? I.e. debuff bot for Ursula/Gunnthrá?

General use its fairly generic build, but as support for units that work off debuffs its still generic but good at what it needs to do.

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Well, I’m working on turning him into a sweep debuffer. Found the build on his page

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Forgot to give him his wind sweep, though


Doesn’t a sweep usually clean up the field by killing consecutive units or at least surviving them and leaving them all a certain way (debuffed, guarded, counterstriken)?

I feel like this Kaze could mass debuff defense and res, but would probably get wiped on next turn.

oh, I see. he also does smokes…
thats okay. that would fully debuff… but with 16 defense he would still be susceptible to dragons and melee.

this would work probably.

He still doesn’t have the windswept skill. Was thinking of maybe pairing him up with units wielding anti-armour/dragon weapons… yep still dreaming of that dagger team

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I ended up going with a dragon killer dagger at first when I wanted a utility dagger, but ended up using a spare pegasus carrot I had and added some sweep skills for utility later. In the end my chad seems to just clear out the armors anyway, usually through burst alone and leave surrounding armors busted and de-buffed. with his defense and res, it just means dragons and melee armors arent usually strong enough to knock him off…

but not Nagi or Sothis… They are nightmare creatures. Nothing seems to stop either of them.

I guess they live up to their God status…

They’re just very good at their jobs… unfortunately Sothis’s job is to “kill everything ha ha ha”, which doesnt work out so well for us.

I run my Kaze very differently. Usually I go for a [Ouch Pouch+] with [Quickened Pulse] build to precharge an [Iceberg] or make it so he counterattack with a [Glacies] on the first combat.

The build you have seems very ok, to say the least. Full debuffer and he could work with a [Broadleaf Fan+] or [Blizzard] user of the sorts

Not being that confident with building characters, I pretty much just copy and paste from gamepress… thinking of turning his brother into the heavy hitter and build support between them

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Do I spy Kaze thread??? :feh_ardenwoke: Self-proclaimed Kaze expert present :)

Let us analyze your build real quick…
Barb is always good, the ol’ Despo and Flashing Blade will allow you to get it off in one round as such. Special accel is always nice though.
Assist depends on what you want, Iceberg is prolly his ideal special unless you want him to shoot big nukes with Glacies. Then you’d probably want to focus on his Res, but imo he has enough already and should be more concerned with getting more damage out…
Fury works, cheap but effective. He likes his stats, even Def if you want to merge him up. He’ll have enough bulk to not be one-shotted by DC units.
Cancel Affinity…? I understand why you’d use it but in my experience using the slot solely to counter TA Ravens isn’t worth it. Not to mention they aren’t super common either. Looks like you’re building on a budget though. Not a bad skill really but I just feel like there’s better options.
Chad has Spd Smoke as a C slot, if you didn’t know. :feh_birbpeek: Omni-Smoke is always effective too though. :)
Also those IVs are :ok_hand:, his Atk is a bit lacking and he doesn’t mind having more. :) A case can be made a Spd boon for more Special-reliant builds or other such means, such as this one (which is mine :) )

I honestly just killed S!Gunnthra because I could give him the rally and weapon, but the weapon has actually proved really useful :) I hope one day I can get him a Dragonslasher but I have yet to pull for one. Splashy Bucket is also a really good weapon for him, as it grants the null adaptive damage but not the healing, allowing for reliable Despo usage :)
Again, Iceberg is good, he doesn’t really need a fancy special. :)
I run a Spd boon for more consistent FB4 but Atk is always good. He appreciates anything Atk/Spd/Res related in general though, whatever you have on hand.
Mystic Boost is a solid B for him too, though there’s several options.
Having high Res allows him to run ploys pretty well, so I do that just cuz. :) C isn’t as important, though something like Swift Stance can be a good S. If Oaths were more common he could use them pretty well, you could consider giving him MI and Atk/Res Oath from L!Julia?

Anyway :)


To tell the truth, the cancel skill is only there because i dont have the skill i want to give him
I’ll admit I’m building on a budget, and I am playing with the idea of splashy bucket, but there’s the problem of actually pulling the unit with them.
To be honest, I’m just using the gamepress suggestions for now + builds and suggestions i see around, which suits me well as I’m more of a pve player than a pvp player… though I do the occasional stuff for rewards…

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Like the idea of MI, but pulling is a pain so for now I’ll go for wind sweep from alm.
Any idea if I should drop fury for so.ething? Also, i got a dragonslasher. Thinking of giving it to him