Rate my summer Elincia build

I asked in a earlier post for help on Elincia and this was the final product.


Only problem that I see is aerobatics with solo skills…that’s a no.


Oh yeah the other option was desperation since I don’t have a trace skill


About as good as you’re gonna get aside from the B slot

Aerobatics is completely at odds with the Solo skills, as it puts you next to an ally. Get a Trace for her if you can. Or consider Windsweep – because of how Whitecap Bow works, you will still double many foes without fear of counterattack. It’s a popular strategy on Lynja in Arena


I thought of putting windsweep so now I think I will I’m assuming water sweep isn’t as good

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Watersweep has its niche thanks to A-Idunn being one of the best and most popular Far Saves, but generally I think you’ll get more use out of Windsweep

A chill could also be a decent budget option. Chill Spd gives her an easier time to quad even the fastest units, and Chill Def helps her to obliterate even the sturdiest ones.

Like the others said, Windsweep/desperation are also good options.