Rate my team :) (please)

Fae makes Blade tome go brrrr
Fae also makes Plegian axe work good with sudden panic
Peony dances and chills
Titania 1 one shots people
Titania 2 tanks people


You have decent tringle coverage and weapon and movement type mixes

I like it
A :pkmn_shinxdasleepy:/10


Thanks, ive been thinking of switching Titania 1 lull for desperation so she can deal with dc units better, since she is kinda the only one who can deal with red swords effectively

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What’s the team for? AR, Arena, PVE, etc. Mostly just curious, as it looks like a pretty solid team regardless.

Dancer is mostly just a matter of choice, and there are a lot of good options. Dancer Eldigan would be a good physical blue wall, and I find he generally performs better in combat than peony (peony is better as strict dancer though). Then you always have L!Azura, who is as BS as always (less necessary with Fae, but movement is still nice). Other than that, Nils can debuff, which also synergizes with Plegian Axe if the opponents don’t meet the conditions for sudden panic.

That’s all I can think of for now.


I mean, out of all of those you mentioned i only have Peony soooo

Courtly candle is in a better place now

But the team is for general use basically, i switch up a lot and this team came about today since i got a free summon gerik and decided to put sudden panic on fae


Nice. Yeah, I didn’t really expect you to have Nils. Eldigan is easy to get if you want, and may be worth considering since he can fight pretty well, unlike peony (I’ve found her to be unreliable at anything other than dancing). Even at 0 merges he does well for me with a budget build (courtly candle defense refined, with sturdy stance in the a slot, bonfire special)


I could also just not bring a dancer, but the only reliable blue units i have are forsyth, reinhardt, og!azura and sigrun
not exactly a good selection


No…not really. Well Rein could work, since you have a bit of a cav team going anyway. He still hits like a truck, and his native goad cav would work well with the titiana’s. Personally, I like having a dancer.

I also use Nowi with Fae on my arena team, and the two are a stellar pair.


Oh all of those units are fully invested, Rein has DB 4, Lull Atk/Res, is +10 +Atk so he would hit like a train more like
Azura also has a bunch of expensive skills which make very different builds
Sigrun is only missing merges but on skills and dragonflowers shes maxed, same with Forsyth

Here they are (keep in mind Azura has like 10 lances and I plan on giving her the curtains from manuals)


Nice units!

I might recommend Azura or Rein then. Forsyth would be hard to use due to team comp (armor move would just slow him down too much); Sigrun would be fine, but the other two fit better.

Unless you really need the mobility from peony (her flying and PRF abilities) than Azura is the superior dancer for combat as well.

As for Rein, I made my point above. If you chose to forgo a dancer, I think he could be a really potent addition to this team (maybe put goad back in his C slot for the Titianas)


Also completely forgot i had the monster Duessel at +2 +Def

Thanks, I really like all of them and i try to make hem very good

Might try Azura out with the team then, I also could use harsh command+ on her instead of sing which could be good if i encounter a team that can negate my buffs


Personally love Duessel (have one on my alt), and the argument for him is much the same as Rein, pseudo cav emblem.

I think rein might be better, since Duessel is better for soloing

If you aren’t going to use Azura as a dancer, I would recommend Rein all the way, for the investment, power, and the goad


If only there was a good cav buffer like Fae i could go all out cav emblem lol
but thanks for your imput, im gonna try out the different units and see who clicks best with the team


Yeah, there aren’t really good support cavs in general. Closest is Duo Sigurd I guess (dancer cav is disgusting)


No Max investment. Lacks dragon flowers, 5 Star locked character is at pathetic +2. And the chicken is undercooked you donkey. Awful. 0/10.

(no, but seriously, your Team looks nice. The builds are nice. Titania is a cool character. Fae is best chicken and Peony is… a refresher. Nice Team :feh_flaynsmile:)


Anyone who uses Titania gets a 10/10 in my book.

You get a 20/20

For real, this looks like a good team. You’ve got plenty of support so no need to run support OG!Titania and it’s a good build. As _Help_Me says, Dancer Eldigan would be good to cover the reds more efficiently, and L!Azura REALLY makes Bladetomes go brrrr


Seems like you might have trouble with a strong red given Peony is pretty weak covering that side of the triangle. I agree Sigrun is great at high investment, kinda lacks a bit of everything before that. Here’s mine that I just use for PvE and she’s fun (and I don’t have to swap seals every time I use her)

I’m thinking of using her in PvP like ARD because of her deceptive attack stat. Her weapon grants 5, her A skill grants 5 vs certain enemies, her B skill grants up to 7, and her C skill grants 4. So that’s up 21 invisible self buff, which I think is cool.