Rate my UL team!

I feel entirely ready for the coming weeks.

…seriously though: anyone else skipping UL?


I believe you played against a friend of mine…


Literally playable

Basically skipping GBL as a whole at this point :man_shrugging:

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I revised my team a little. Had an opponent DC so I was free to wail on their Absol with my Skitty. Somehow got the Absol down before the timer expired :joy:

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I do ok when people lead Venusaur. Maybe even Giratina-A or Alolan Muk. I start to get concerned when I don’t block too many charged attacks though. Sometimes they are just trying to get rid of the Registeel bc they have a Togekiss and/or a Clefable waiting…then Swampert starts to concern me, too. A swampert EQ hurts Giratina pretty bad. My two legendaries are 1 move wonders, granted that Regi is 38.5 or so

I honestly dont see the point in Ultra League Hate.

Does it take start dust? … oh you mean the bazillion level 38-40 Azums didnt?

Does it take rare pokemon like Tina you might not have access to? … like I didn’t have access to enough Shieldons to run a bastidon the entire cup?

Is it seeing the same 20 pokemon? … like skarm, alt, etc?

In many ways I think Ultra is easier on my joke acct (under 2000 catches) then Great was.

But to each thier own, I just gone get the ultra hate.

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3 of the 10 Go League battles I fought today concluded with a Time’s Up declaration, so a roundabout strategy is actually needed to be on the prevailing side of that

Im suprised no one talking about weak connection plague, which prevent playing in GBL. First 2 days was ok, then up to now its unplayable, which is sad for me,m because its lot more fun than awful great League.

My Great League team (Azumarill, Venusaur and Marowak) cost me only about 250k dust (including the cost for unlocking second moves) and more importantly, not a single Rare Candy.

Can one build a strong Ultra League team for that little?

I do not have a Bastodion and do just fine without it. Many players will never be able to catch a Tropius, but they do just fine without it. Can one do just fine without in Ultra League without Giratina or Registeel?

One of my most memorable Great League losses was against someone who led with Girafarig. I do not even know what moves Girafarig has in PoGo, so I did not shield. My Azumarill was taken out by a Thunderbolt, then my Venusaur quickly fainted to a Psychic. Marowak managed to bring it down, but had too little health to deal with the Azumarill that came next.

Even the occasional Raichu or Toxicroak lead gives my Azumarill massive trouble. In Ultra League, can you imagine Giratina or Registeel falling to such off-meta picks? You can count their hard counters on one hand.

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My Great Leauge team costed about( Whiscasch, Sabley, Altaria, all 2 moves) 400 k and have win rate about 33-40%.

My Ultra Team ( Steelix, Blastoise, Toxicroak, all 2 moves) only about 300 k, and until weak connection issue, i had win rate over 70%.

I seen Trashcan only 2 times. Giratina is more common, but only Altered( noone Origin so far) and it isnt more than 2-3 times pert battle cycle( 5 fights) Swampert is even more common, other mons are really diverse.

I do fine without either. I usually go 4/5, hit 5/5 about 2-2.5x more often than going 3/5. Actually smoked a Gira, regi, swap team just this morning. IMO Ultra is way easier to go 4/5 or 5/5 than GBL because in GBL you either have closer to a mirror match which makes it more likely to go 50/50, or a counter team is too dependent on having the right Pokémon in. Ultra has more opportunities for neutral damage/matchups so you only need to protect or prepare for one strong counter.

Master probably will be a nightmare for someone like me that doesn’t raid, but Ultra has been super, super easy with little stardust investment, and no legendaries, legacy or community day moves on my squad.

on my Junk acct I traded for 1 Altered Giratina that was eweather boosted, powered it up twice via rare candy and didn’t unlock a second. Thats a pretty small investment in my opinion.

I traded for a Com Day Venusaur after evolving one so the cost was minimal

Empoleon was a com day that I evolved near 2500 and bought a second move on, its not top rate
d but the investtment was really under 20k dust + 170ish candy from Com Day including the evolve.

Rank 8, 70% win rate with Tina A Empoleon + Venusaur all for minimal cost though I did do some trades

Plot twist: Tap the Evolve button for a good Ultra League team member.

Glad to know. What would be a good bodyguard for a Gyarados lead? Steelix? Swampert? Ground covers Electric and Rock, but fairies could wall Gyarados as well.

Flygon DC/EP is my vote. I flinched when I bought the extra move for my best Flygon but since Trapinch CD that has been one of my most used Pokémon.