Rate the Squishy Gang

To clarify on that vague title, I’m asking if any of y’all can rate my Summoner Duels team.

Also…hello! I’m Obsidian, I’ve been here a long time, but I also just…haven’t replied in a while, and will likely disappear again after this…just like a real Dad! :D

Anyway, back to the team, here’s a face some of you guys might remember. Eldigan, or as I like to call him…


(I should also clarify, these are just recreations of my builds in the Unit Builder, so, I may get some details wrong. Not Mr. Squishy though. Not my mentally-unstable son)

Anyway, with Florets, I decided to start building into his speed, and with Adroit Captain, he can hit some pretty fantastic numbers, and is definitely the most resilient unit on my team.
He is my team captain, and that’s not gonna change, because I’m just too proud of him.

Python is mostly here to both rush in and take out a particularly dangerous flier like Claude or Azura, and to punish F!Edelgard for overextending, with double Brazen and Adroit Captain support. Ignatz’s new bow might be better than Reindeer, but, I’m not entirely certain yet.

The best offensive unit on my team, especially before Python can get within Brazen range. He is sort of the only unit who can take out Brave Eirika, who gives my team a LOT of trouble, because she’s just…really hard to kill AND survive.

Fjorm’s here because…well…she’s adorable, and I love her, and she’s precious, and I just want her to hug me, and tell me everything’s gonna be okay, because I lack any form of emotional support in my life…

…Oh, and she’s on the team, because I have a heavy weakness to ranged units, and she covers that fantastically. I know Bracing Stance and Shield Session technically mean Ice Mirror does less damage, but who cares? She’s not here to kill, she’s here to keep the enemy from striking at my thicc yet fragile body. I’m giving her an Ally Support with Python, which I’m hoping will make some sort of difference. I do also have a Winter Artur, in case D/R Far Save will end up being more useful than her current one.

And lastly, the one unit on everyone’s team that they didn’t really care about and just said “fuck it, I guess this’ll work.” I used to have Keaton in this spot, but Mr. Squishy outclassed him as an offensive red unit, and, I’m mostly waiting for his refine, because Null-Guard would make him a FANTASTIC Fallen Edelgard killer, with Moonbow and Vantage.
But anyway, this wrinkly guy on my team? He’s just good support. I keep him in the backline, and he harasses the enemy and drinks a nice, tall glass of mayonnaise, with a carpet tack and rancid sardine sandwich; because I know you never played Thracia, and as such, you can’t convince me that’s NOT what Veld does.
…Anyway, I might pull on the New Years banner just to give him Cross Spur Atk to support my team, if that’s even worth it.

That’s all. So, rate my team! …Ahem…please?


Jokes on you, I played Thracia. which is why I’m gonna let you know that’s exactly what he does. 100% accurate description

Well, first off it’s gonna be real hard for Eldigan to actually activate that bond skill. Secondly, Python needs the captain skill for NFU (right?) which means being within a certain range of them. He also needs to survive an Edel bonfire, which IDK if he can.
Due to how duels work, IDK how good running galeforce will be, since that still takes another turn.


Yeah, it does mean I have to use Mr. Squishy (Eldigan) less offensively, but overall it shouldn’t be too much of a problem, since my team benefits so much from being within close range of each other, particularly Fjorm who protects the entire team from ranged units. That said, Python getting NFU isn’t too much of an issue due to that as well, since, again, he has Joint Drive Speed which already incentivizes me to leave him in close-quarters with the rest of the team. And the Reindeer Bow also has a Guard Effect, which…I dunno, Edelgard’s weapon is already an essay of overpowered abilities, I forgot EXACTLY how its special acceleration works. I think most people switch it out for Galeforce or Aether though.
As for Galeforce, I don’t run any refreshers strictly out of principle, and, it does let me catch some folks off-guard, when paired with Tempest. I do sometimes have the issue where Dimitri is TOO strong, and kills the enemy before he can charge up Galeforce, but I’d rather have that, than being completely unable to deal with Brave Eirika.


The title says Squishy Gang

Squishy gang is Tanks and Veld for some reason

Impossible the Archives must be incomplete

It has to be a glitch in the matrix