Rate up is a g*****m lie

This is what I got when rolling for Archer Jeanne.

I mean I’m happy cause I always wanted her, but…when I was trying to summon oneesan? Really?


Spooks suck big time.

Sorry. Trust me when I say 99% of the community understands and sympathizes with you.



I’ve been there. You have my sympathies. :fgo_ereshlove:




I feel ya. This banner gave me 2 spooks, Chaldea Boys banner gave me 3 spooks and Ivan banner gave me 4. Rate-Up is a cruel mistress.

Sorry that you didn’t get Big Sis Jeanne. (At least for now, don’t know if you’re still gonna roll)

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I feel you deeply
I’m still having PTSD flashbacks of rolling for Waver and pulling an NP2 Jeanne instead

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I got Quetz instead of Skadi, and I already have Ozy at NP4… just to add to how ludicrous mine was.

So yeah, definitely been where you have. Hope you make good use of her though, you got her after she got her battery.

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I’ll take a spook, so far 240sq at bare min. Well, punishment I guess for saving up for BB and start rolling without her.


This actually pains me. From a servant standpoint, they have to be depressed as ■■■■ after you’re happy they show, and then x time down the line, they never see use again and you basically forget they exist. I try to rotate my roster cause I’m a sentimental simp.


It’s rate up. Not rate guarantee.

Meaning from 0% chance of actually getting a limited servant of your choice, now you have 0.7%. Rate’s up. No lie.

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Hey man I got Arjuna, had to go the extra mile to get even one Jeanne…


That napoléon spook was a frigging rainbow circle. :fgo_morilaugh:


I actually don’t mind spooks because it’s something. I rolled for ozy and got skadi, I rolled for dantes and got Jack.

Its so much better than 4 ‘atlas institute’ ce’s, 2 copies of boudica, a 4star ce that you already have maxed out with a dash of 3star ce’s that can be obtained through fp summon. :salt:


well, if you happen to hit the 1% chance for the SSR, its 70% chance for the rate up SSR and 30% chance for someone else…

So, it is actually very very possible you dont get the rate up SSR.
Just being factual here.

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Some of these aren’t spooks either, some of these ‘spooks’ were the actual rate-up Servants.

Don’t roll on split banners unless you actually want both Servants.


Honestly I’d trade the spook I got for artoria any day of the week.

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I know, I do not want to be rude, but whenever I see someone spooked by Artoria, I do not even feel bad for them. I just feel jealousy…


That’s a good spook overall, even more with last skill upgrade.
I fear my enemy Arjuna for Bb/mhxx banner … which is a curse spook.

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I would kill right now for an AoE Saber with a battery. Skadi is nice and all for stupid daily farming and “efficiency”, but I lack the OG Seibah for both that specific role and the FSN Family Reunion.

Also, welcome to the club.

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