Rate your favourite limited assassins

So, let’s start.

What of the following limited assassins is your favourite for waifu/husbando reasons?

  • MHX (the salt is strong…)
  • King Hassan
  • Shuten
  • Nitocris(she owns my soul)
  • Cleopatra
  • Osakabehime
  • Stheno(special guest, master of unwanted spooks)

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And for Gameplay reasons?

And finally, who was the one who mostly give you salt?

For me, favourite is Nitocris Assassin (i’ll get her this summer, no matter what)


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Also, i can’t create pools, so… :sweat_smile:

god, this is a beautiful broken mess

Fixed, sort of

a problem about name attribute in pools, whatever it means


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Kind of a nitpick but isn’t Osakabehime non-limited and can spook whenever she feels like it?

I like Nito so I’ll vote for her but when it comes to gameplay I guess it would be Cleopatra or Shuten.
Shuten works better with my teams but I rarely borrow assassins so Cleo kind of stood out due to her Halloween bonuses.
Her Golden Rule helped speed up the farming.

you are right, i’ll remove her
…or not, can’t change a poll after 5 minutes, it seems.
What a mess. This is the last time i tray to make a poll :thinking:

Hmm, Stheno and Osakabehime are not limited. Why would you put a 4 star that is in the general pool and can spook at any time??
Split the pool into limited and non-limited servants to make sense. Otherwise, its just a mess.

limited assassins

Stheno, master of unwanted spooks

I’m getting mixed messages here



she’s objectively the best, because she’s able to suit anyone’s tastes


Stheno… She’s a Yandere Sadist… A loli… And a smile that will petrify you…

First Hassan is on a whole class of its own. So that leaves Semiramis and Kama and I’m going with both, followed by Cleopatra.

Divided between ASMR Oni and Dark Souls. With a future eye on Kama and Tuberculosis, assassin edition.


Best Pharoah (Nitocris for you uncultured people). No questions asked.

I mean, I’m not so sure if Stheno would really count as a Yandere. She’s moreso just a sadist. An extremely sadistic sadist.

Stheno is surely a sadist, she love spooking you when you roll for other assassins


Your girl is here

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Shuten became my waifu of all of them by virtue of showing up first and saying words. Nitocris would be my second pick there as her caster self is one of my top favorites.

For gameplay, three way tie between Shuten, King Hassan, and Cleopatra. Just depends what you need when you need it. But when I borrow an assassin, it’s usually gramps.

Salt … King Hassan again. :/ Someday, gramps. Someday…

I’m a vote for…Stheno. Mostly due to one reason, I simply don’t like any of them. Gramps and Neet are nifty to have don’t get me wrong since I actually have both and plan to raise them but even then I can see myself doing fine without them. And because I was one of the few crazy people to pick Stheno for my 4* ticket a few months back so yeah…

The Assassin class has so many neat personalities, it’s hard to decide.

First Hassan is …First Hassan. Hard to compare him to the others since he’s kind of playing his own game in the middle of FGO with how thematically unique he is. Nakata also nails his voice acting, of course.

My favorite overall Assassin (who also happens to be Limited) is Cleopatra. After leveling her skills (and cough whaling her NP up) I’ve found her to be a lot of fun to play and a surprisingly good all-rounder, even with the infamous inconsistency of her Imperial Privilege. She’s nearly Jack-tier in terms of generation stats and has incredible defensive bulk along with a Buster steroid she can activate constantly since it’s tied to her NP. I don’t think she gets quite enough attention.

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