Rath Builds (with Poll)

Alright, so, Rath. Been thinking about building him. Yes, I know there are units with better stat spreads. Yes I know these builds are all mediocre. I like the character and am just having fun building an army of FE7 units.

These builds are what I have fodder for, so although I would appreciate some suggestions (especially for B slot; C is going to be something massively mediocre like a rouse/oath/or good ol’ attack smoke), my options are pretty limited.

So, without further ado, the builds.

Classic Fury+desperation build

Coral bow

Helm Bow

Really don’t know what to put for B here. Advice appreciated. No I don’t have any traces.

I can also sub out the solo for swift sparrow if people think that’s better.

Best Rath Build
  • Fury+Desperation
  • Coral Bow
  • Helm Bow

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Helm bow would be out of the picture for me since you would be wasting the impact skill and pulse 3 from Brigid.

I’d go for the Coral bow build or maybe a support build like this:

This can be done with a 3* and 5* Sedgar.

Ps: Also don’t give him lull atk/spd, he’d much prefer spd/def


I think the coral bow pairs well with the solo skill. For his B skill I prefer the lull skill over desperation but that’s my personal preference as I like skills that are always active.


I actually use my Rath as a brave bow user, but I could see him as a firesweep bow for ar-d or instant bow for PVE too.

Helm bow would be obviously one of his best bow with plegian but It would make you waste a pulse smoke fodder and/or swift impact, but that’s your choice.

In short : for me instant bow is the one who offer the best possibility for PP and up his bulk a lot, denying forced double (because units who got them often have low spd so you’ll win the spd-check)
Coral bow is easy to use and good either as PP or EP so… If you don’t wanna make him stick to one phase, go for it

lull/trace B slot would be the best too, poison strike isn’t that good as only B slot outside of firesweep AR-D build

  • I wouldn’t go with the Candlewax Bow+ build tbh. The extra stats are nice and it certainly would be a very good budget option, but the 12 damage recoil is not worth it, even with Brazen he only reaches 62 ATK and 57 SPD (without buffs) and in this meta where everything is either really fast or has damage reduction it just doesn’t cut it imo, even if he does get to hit twice.

  • When it comes to the two remaining bows, both of them are solid options. Helm Bow works really well with the Solo skill, and it has the added bonus of neutralizing the Foe’s bonuses, add a Atk/Spd Lull as a B slot and you basically get +8 SPD, +5 ATK and +3 DEF at all times while also denying the buffs to foe’s most important stats. Giving this weapon to Rath, does deny you the chance to inherit Brigid’s Impact skill however. Coral Bow is better in terms of inheritance value (you don’t miss out on another good skill) and it also does not require strict positioning, while giving the same buff that Helm Bow would. It does not however nullify foe’s bonuses and at times that can be really problematic. As I said you’re better off going for these than Candlewax Bow. Out of the two I’d personally choose Helm Bow from pure combat standpoint, but Coral Bow is better value-wise and it is pretty similar.

As for a build, this is what I would suggest. It works with both bows and the only extra inheritance compared to the skills you’ve shown is Rouse Atk/Def 3, which you can get from either Orson or Bertram.