Rath IVs

What IV’s are people thinking are good for rath? I’m thinking attack is best. Any thoughts?


I personally prefer Spd, but I almost always prefer Spd.

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Spd, easily. A unit gets the most relative benefit from a spd boon when it has base spd in the 35-40 range, and higher if it’s a dc unit. Maybe if a unit hit a total 55 spd with their skills/build unmerged and had lowish atk would I then take an atk boon.

Edit: Actually, didn’t consider what wep you would be running on him.

+atk for a brave bow build imo. Quadding is overrated unless the unit is ridiculously fast and has decent bulk, and with the penalty, he is only going to be quadding slow units regardless, which is fine.

+spd for firesweep.

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Depends on the merge.

If you talking maximum investment (max merge and flowers) then I’d go for any boon that’s not speed to be honest.

In order of importance at max investment

  • Defense Boon
  • Attack Boon
  • Resistance Boon
  • Speed Boon
  • HP Boon

And this is if going with a more player phase build with things like Swift Sparrow 3, Atk/Spd Solo, etc.

If we’re talking about unmerged or low merges, then go with speed.

I went with defense boon first because of Distant Counter physical units, but a resistance boon may be more important to be honest.

+atk & +spd

You can try this build if you have F!Berkut or Lif on your team.

I hesitated a lot before to give him this build (between Him & Norne) but it’s not so bad even if he’s a color bow user. I mean 3 cases of deplacement is really good at chasing low/med def units.