Raven: +atk or +spd?

So after a bit of a hiatus from feh, I found like 5 or 6 ravens in my barracks. So I figured I would make him my next merge project. I have one +atk and one +spd, so my question is which is better (generally)? I plan on using him for multiple builds: fury/wrath, galeforce, desperation nuking, etc. Ideally, this should make him a versatile AR, Arena, and GHB unit. Any thoughts on either IV would be appreciated.

You can never have enough spd honestly, so just go for that tbh

Especially because he won’t be maxed merged


Well I hope I can summon some more down the road; he seems pretty common to get. I’m really f2p, so it’s more about the journey, y’know?
Thank for the thoughts tho. I also have close call fodder lying around, so that might work out well too.

I second +Speed. For Galeforce and Desperation sets, his speed is going to be more important than his attack. He hits hard enough on his own, but the current meta is all about speed.


Speeeeeeeeeeeed :racing_car: