Ravi’s age?

So I randomly pulled Ravi and I’ve heard she’s pretty good but one things really making me not wanna use her… it says she’s a “little girl”, thing is she’s quite scantily dressed so I don’t wanna be using a ‘Loli’ or sexualised child… is there any cannon/story that says her age? She’s drawn like a young adult which makes it kinda perverted on the game makers part.

I know it’s a weird question but yeah, if it was the case she was turned into a wraith as a child then grew up that would make sense, but if she’s just a scantily clad child that’s f***** and I wouldn’t use her

There aren’t really much about Ravi tbh, and whenever she appeared in the story it’s mostly to simp for Tenebria. I’ll say she’s 14-15 at best idk

Ok, yeah in that case will probably use her to 6 star someone else, it’s f**** on the creators part to put children in skimpy outfits (I know Asia’s laws of consent are different but doesn’t make it ok)