Ray vs Sally who gets my dust


Goal is to duo Giratina-O and need one more on the team.
Ray 97 14-15-15
Salamance 100 15-15-15
Rare candy is not a issue but I only have 159000 stardust total.
Which would you power up?
I have a few maxed Rayquazas already, no salamance though.
Looking to battle immediately so saving up doesn’t need not apply here


The ideal choice would be Ray, as even with imperfect attack it trumps Salamence with the same moveset. It is a stronger candidate for a duo run no doubt.

Realistically though, the difference will probably be about 5-10 seconds at most, though that COULD be the difference between a win and a loss. Salamence is a fine choice, though I feel like another Ray will never hurt.


Ray beats it as that one missing IV wont change anything in 99.99% of all situations when compared to a 100% Rayquaza thanks to its gargantuan attack


Ray still comes out ahead but damn if a hundo Salamence isn’t radical. They’re both so similar in performance you won’t notice a difference. I’d do both eventually and toss a coin to see which one to do now.


Right! Hundo salamance is spicy


Ray hits a higher breakpoint so there is a decent difference between the two pretty much a whole point of DPS.

Ray vs 15 attack Ray only difference is 1 point of damage on outrage. So you probably lose a max of 3 total damage in the fight by only having 14 attack.


Given the stardust you’re lacking - can you even max either? Is the Salamance already a higher level (30-35)? That might be the difference-maker.

Would max both eventually though - and as others have said at level 40 the Ray will be stronger but damn a perfect Salamance (assuming with Outrage) is a beautiful thing.


The 100% Salamance with outrage is lvl 18
Ray is level 20 so both could not be maxed out so soon.


Ya, would say the Rayquaza then to get the best 6th member of your team as good as possible.