Rayquaza and Master league

So I am wondering how rayquaza compares to other dragons in masters. Is it worth using?

If you want a Dragon in Master league, Giratina, Dialga, and Garchomp are the best. If you can get Legacy Dragonite it’s good, Purified Dragonite is also solid. Rayquaza is too squishy (high on attack, low on bulk) and it’s moves didn’t translate as well. There’s a divide between the PvP and PvE 'mon.

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I agree with @captpepperjack. Rayquaza is mostly just too squishy to use in Master League PvP. It’s a much better option than Salamence, and if you save it as your last Mon when your opponent’s shields are down, you may pull off a win with it given how hard Outrage hits for. Dragon Tail/Outrage/Ancient Power isn’t a bad PvP moveset either. Ray’s bulk (or lack thereof) is really the only thing holding it back in PvP.

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True, I have a Ray almost maxed, AS/AP/OR, it’s definitely squishy, but those charge moves hurt, and AS charges them well in addition to covering the Fighting types that show up. Ray’s good, but you need a second charge move and you need to power it up.

I can’t see why you would need coverage for fighting type pokemon with Rayquaza in Master League. Rayquaza already has the type advantage, you don’t need Air Slash, you are just making you bad matches (like Dialga or Latios) even worse.

I knew a reply would be contrary for the sake of being so. Too bad you didn’t consider that your area may possibly not be the same as my area. Dialga has never been a problem, because I do my best to come into the next bout with a charge ready when using Ray, and if the Dialga has Thunder I can shield it because Ray is usually an opener if I use it. Also, I have another which is double dragon and I’ve seen more wins from the first one so that moveset stays for now. Y’all are irritating with your nannying on here.

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A difference might be how much candy you have of each…obviously I have a maxed Rayquaza…plus 331 Rayquaza candy. I have a maxed Raikou and 94 candy…maxed Latios and 143 candy left. For me most other legendary 2nd move options I only have 10 to 20 candy after maxing what I’ve already maxed…in the middle is Lugia, I could use another move on it and I have 53 Lugia candy

Dialga would eat an Air Slash Rayquaza just with the Dragon Breath fast move. But let’s forget about Dialga. Or Latios. Or pretty much any Dragon at this point, who would gladly accept the challenge of an Air Slash Rayquaza.

Let’s suppose you face a neutral opponent. Dragon Tail has 3 DPT and 3.33 EPT, while Air Slash has 3 DPT and 3 EPT. Dragon Tail is just plain superior. And since you can deal with a Machamp with Dragon Tail perfectly fine, there’s no reason at all to have Air Slash. The only pokemon in the whole Master League against which you would be better off with Air Slash is Togekiss, and I’m not even sure about it, because with Dragon Tail you would charge Ancient Power faster, which is your only hope, since Air Slash would just tickle Togekiss.

Also for PvE Rayquaza has a better role as a Dragon attacker than as a flying attacker, so the inconvenience of having the wrong moveset gets intensified.

Also I don’t get why are you getting irritated, OP is asking about Rayquaza for Master League and I’m just giving my opinion about which is the correct moveset. It’s not like I’m forcing anyone to do as I say, so if you don’t like my opinion just ignore it and good luck with your Air Slash Rayquaza.


The funny thing is that even vs Machamp where AS is SE you end up with more HP left from using DT compared to AS in a no-shield scenario thanks to getting one less Counter damage before you can fire off a charged move.