Rayquaza in the future and present day


As I’m sure you all know, maxing out one Rayquaza, let alone a team of six (or even a B team) takes an exorbitant amount of rare candies and tons of star dust too.

Looking ahead, we’re due to get two more legendary dragons in the fifth gen. We also have a pretty competitive Dragon typing in general, with Salamence, Dragonite, Palkia and more competing for a spot with Rayquaza on raid teams.

It is my understanding that Rayquaza is still pretty much the best Dragon in the game, but in your guys’ opinions, is the distance between itself and say, Salamence, worth the massive investment?

And how safe will said investment be?

Zekrom and Reshiram’s best attacking stats (Attack and Special Attack respectively) match up equally to Rayquaza’s Attack stat in mainstream Pokémon. That said, they’re also legendaries and would require the same investment to be maxed like Rayquaza. But they’re also still Dragons who have access to Outrage and Dragon Tail which could theoretically match Rayquaza’s DPS, and could theoretically slightly outdo it in TDO due to being slightly bulkier.



Rayquaza and Dragonite are distinct because of their access to Outrage. With a higher attack stat between the two, Rayquaza is the highest source of dragon-type DPS, and also one of the most reliable.

The only means by which Salamence/Dragonite, or any other legendary, is less costly in terms of stardust is if you have any lucky variants. If not, stardust is not a factor. As a general rule of thumb, rare candies should be saved for legendaries due to the difficulty to obtain candies outside their raid rotation.

Reshiram and Zekrom will both have lower ATK than Rayquaza. As such, investing into Rayquaza now means having the highest DPS versus the two upon their releases, and still having the highest DPS thereafter. The only real shake-up I anticipate is how Kyurem Black / White will be handled.


Despite the existing and incoming competition I’d say Rayquaza is a safe investment. Having Dragon Tail/Outrage is a big boon in its favor. After seeing Palkia and Dialga held back by their move pools we could see something similar happen with Reshiram and Zekrom.

Amusingly enough, in my experience it’s easier to amass rare candy than it is to amass candy for Salamence. With Bagon being a rare spawn and not a common egg hatch it somehow makes raiding for rare candies an easier path for me and I’m not one to dump rares into non-legendary species.


I’m planning to max my best Rayquaza, although I’ll be trying for lucky and using some 2016 Pokemon to trade to try to get that as I’m very Stardust poor.

As others have noticed, Rayquaza looks pretty future proof, and we have several upcoming raids where it will be useful (latios return, giratina origin, Gen 5 dragons, Gen 4 dragon returns, etc…).

Obviously if you get a lucky or level 35 good iv wild catch for dragonite or Salamence, the gap down from Rayquaza isn’t that huge. However I think it’s still worth getting at least 1 maxed Rayquaza. I currently have 2 maxed and 2 level 36 ish dragonite, so adding a Rayquaza to that team will be great. Also might add a Palkia or dialga or Salamence, etc… (Don’t have any Salamence yet actually).


Looking at tomorrow’s weather forecast I’ll be unlucky if any I catch aren’t weather boosted which will help with stardust :slightly_smiling_face: . It’s been so windy here that 80% of my Dialga catches have been weather boosted too.

I’ll see what IV’s I get, but will probably take one or two up into the mid 30’s.


Im jealous. Windy weather is pretty rare when im live, however tomorrow should be windy. Only nonexistent Fog is rarer. even Snowy, despite only able to be in 3-4 months per year, have overall more days than Windy…


Reshiram has a 150 for special attack, Zekrom has a 150 in Attack. Does Rayquaza having 150 for both give it the edge?

Forgive me, I’m rather unfamiliar with how Niantic converts mainstream stats into PoGo. I more or less just assumed they took the highest (or most ‘sensible’) stat and put it in. For example, I was assuming Reshiram and Zekrom would have the same exact Attack stat as Ray because their highest attacking stat is the same as Ray’s Attack and Special Attack.


Niantic uses a distinct formula for calculating POGO stats from main series stats. For attack, they weigh they higher attack value 7/8 and the lower attack value 1/8, so Rayquaza having 150 in both gives it an edge. Reshiram and Zekrom both get 275 base attack in POGO compared to Rayquaza’s 284.