Ready to have my third arena crown (hopefully)!

Hopefully not too many toxic units out there. And I know they will struggle against F!Edelgard.

I wish you all a healthy and successful pvp runs!

Update: 3/30/22 - I know it’s been a week but surprise (or not), got the arena crown!

And with that I was actually surprised that it’s still L!Dima water season so in lieu with this, I ask you, do I have a chance for the fourth crown this season?

I targer solely 756 points, and very rarely, 758 does appear. Is it worth to gamble my sanity for this? Will it guarantee me a crown?


Right now, I think it’s impossible to stay in T21 without reaching 764-766 consistently. This scorebin is getting higher every month thanks to new legendaries and duo units breaking the arena score system.

I have a similar team to yours and I don’t even bother wasting arena swords trying to fish for 760-762. With that said, I’m content being T20.5. I don’t have any wish to throw my money recklessly at a game that might close its servers any day/month (RIP Dragalia Lost). So I would say no, don’t gamble your sanity.


Oof, that’s too bad. I was hoping to experience a stay in Tier 21 since I have my highest merged legendary on deploy, sigh.

There will be a next time I guess, when I can obtain multiple duel copies.

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Yeah, you have no chance of staying without fishing into the mid 760s (which my team actually was able to reach with enough fishing, but I fought and lost to so many Duo Chroms this week that I’m just done. I was only aiming to reach T21)

Too many Duos, plus a LOT of people pulled for L-Dimitri on Hero Fest. I swear there was a +10 one in almost every single one of my matches