(Real) GBL Season 11

With Interlude holidays coming to an end, we have the announcement of the new GBL season, and it seems to be a very fast one (metas are going to change every single week)

Brand new cups, upgraded ones (LC withouth bronzor, vulpix, deino and cottone looks promising) but the best part in my opinion is the hint of what’s coming this season: new fossils and probably hisui region wide release.

The pose looks good, go battle day featuring mankey is very nice to get a primeape with cross chop withouth using an élite TM…

The only downfall is the lack of moves/moveset changes (again because of the infamous championship). They don’t want to change the meta, but at the same time they give us zap canon registeel, CD walrein, araquanid, tapu fini, and the last addition in OG shadow marowak (a monster that is very exclusive to have). The only thing that comes to mind here is lazyness, but for the most part the season is ok

I seriously hope that the queue times next month are a bit more than an our per opponent, starting from Day 3.

Season of GO, because this is where people’s tolerance goes away.

Oh and keep and eye on GameFreak too. They might as well as call Pokemon Call of Duty. And Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl is a copy and paste mess.

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Yes, I wanted to be as polite as possible. Problem with GBL is deeper than just movesets adjustments (bugs and lag still keeps it from been fully competitive), but other than that the season is “ok” from what we can expect from niantic. Not planning to play as I used to, last season I took serious was 8. Wanted to Keep what I think to myself, but totally second Nhoff here.

Yes, and it seems like Pokemon itself is going to this path.

It’s not just a “Niantic” problem, GameFreak is also like condoning this while making shoddy games that run on brand loyalty.

It’s like FIFA or CoD.

BDSP ain‘t GameFreaks fault though, ILCA messed that up. And until Scarlet and Violet drop and we know how the games are, it is far too early to assume things.

They outsourced it like Pokemon GO is an outsourced game.

If you outsourced to an AR company that fails in management or a graphics company that can only copy and paste code, I have to seriously re-consider if it’s incompetence or deliberate.

They gave BDSP to ILCA so they could focus on Legends Arceus, which turned out quite good in my opinion. I don‘t know what ILCA is like, but they probably don‘t have that much experience with game design. But I think GameFreak realized that they went a bit too far with Sword and Shield.

ILCA is a graphic designers company.

With probably not a lot experience in game design I assume? Because then it‘s absolutely no wonder that BDSP is what it is.

Absolutely. Like Niantic has no experience in game management (or was purposefully being horrible out of brand loyalty like GameFreak).

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Where do you get the Hisui tease?!? I’m pretty psyched about some of those regional forms so sign me up for the hype train! :bullettrain_front:

I’m excited about the new cups. You’d think its unbalanced, but a quick look using PvPoke says even Fossil Cup might actually be pretty decent. And the new encounters are pretty good; might be able to finally get more than one (1) Axew lol

Sad about no moveset updates though… :slightly_frowning_face:

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I’m not sure, but I think that it was Mystic7 or some other streamer/content creator that mentioned the Hisui cup.

Nice. Set a goal to hit a 70% win rate through the first 100 matches and hit it just now on the nose with a 5-5 set. Now to see if I can keep it up through to rank 20

Edit: is 2 rare candy per win at level 15 new this season?

I haven’t been following the past couple of seasons of GBL, but I heard Weather Ball was nerfed.

Relieved I did not spend 200 XL candy candy each on my 98% Eevee and 7/15/15 Snover, as now there’s no point figuring out a third member to complete a UL team.

I caught a rank 2 and rank 3 Shieldon. As far as I’ve seen, the XL version benefits from having more HP but at a steep attack cost. Wouldn’t it behoove me to just make a Bastiodon of one of the two I caught since it’s base Attack is so low? I’d imagine that wins more matches than just being able to tank a bit more, but what do I know.

Basically I’m trying to get out of losing all my dust and candy to an XL which won’t even be able to compete in the inevitable Great League Premier cup

I’m sure there are edge cases for each (hi attack & hi bulk) but there’s so many variables there I have a hard time seeing enough for any one to make it decidedly better.

I thoroughly enjoy my level 50 Bastodion for what it’s worth. Wins thing it shouldn’t.

Attack is so low anyway on bastiodon that the few damage less doesn’t matter a lot. What wins a bastiodon matchup is it’s tankiness and here, more helps indeed more. If it’s worth powering another one up or one to lvl 50, that’s a matter of debate. I just throw it in once in a while to enjoy stupid tapping… For me, it wouldn’t be worth it, my old one does ok. If I hadn’t already one, I’d try to get a great one, yea. If a wall, then a solid one!

Yeah, but no crucial breakpoints on attack though? Can’t find a topic for some reason, could have sworn it’s been discussed here or TSR or somewhere.

Also kind of weary of making XL GL Pokémon because like I said I’m fairly certain it won’t be long after more people get into doing it that Niantic then comes out with a cup excluding them, kind of artificially creating this other meta and now your star investment can’t participate. It’s why a few of my UL mons like A-Slash or Dragalge I just left at Level 40. Still good enough to compete in Open, doesn’t seem worth a few extra HP to be banned from a cup. But people are indicating that XL Azu, Basty etc are actually game changers in GL so……I don’t know. Master Premier VS Open teams are one thing but I don’t wanna do that for every league…

On that note worth pointing out that I had not previously made a regular level 40 Bastodion, so I went for the 50 when I did one.

I may not be the one to take advice from, I’m also a few levels from finishing a level 50 Wobbuffet, pure vanity project. Utter waste. Meanwhile my UL and ML teams are completely underwhelming lol… moving to them next, he’s my last GL 50 mon project.