Rearguard+ Ideas

Vanguard, Safeguard, and Rearguard…
What builds are you planning?


People: Legion isn’t a tank, Lain you idiot



Heh,if she’s a demote…

It wouldn’t hurt to put her axe on Camilla.

Although,I really want Poleaxe on her first :feh_notlikethis:


Why in goddam is this weapon on a singular grail unit and no one else?

We shouldn’t have to spend grails on an inheritible melee cav killer.


I’ll have to figure out if any projects I have in mind can use Rearguard+. Arthur has the possibility of refinement.

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Then again,we still only have 1 inheritable anti-cav sword that is Grey.

The only consistant is the lance version,it’s on Mathilda.

I had to sacrifice an Ursula to get the Wolf tome for Summer Camilla :catroll:

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There’s quite a bit crap in the grail pool that really shouldn’t be exclusive to there, huh?

And Zanbato+ shouldn’t be as premium as it is, either.


Very true.

The only consistent way to get the Green Wolf tome is by sacrificing Female Robin.

There’s Rhajat,but I never got her.

So much unneeded premium in there.


Thank god for Pre-demotes.

They can deliver.

All of them so far have brought skills down to lower levels that had no business being as premium as they were.


Don’t know atm. Legion seems tempting, but I’m still hung up on whether he or Cormag gets the Grails next.

Looking at other possible projects, it might be something Camilla could make use of. She has surprisingly good mixed defenses and Rearguard might be the push needed to work on a Flier ball team.

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Echidna is kinda hot so I won’t be foddering her axe

Unless Ferdinand comes as an axe unit for some weird reason. Then we’ll talk.


I’ve only given my b lucina vanguard+,lene’s to scarce and I’m merging Echidna if she’s demoted.

W-why would you give BLucy anything different than Geirskogul o-O

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Because I like having multiple builds for my favorite characters,she also has slaying spear.

:feh_lucinasmug: def refined Rearguard gives him 76 def on enemy phase. The :b:iggest :b:ignis :b:ossible.

Give it to Ross, of course.


(+3 spd from his refine, 59 HP instead of 54) Yeah this is probably stupid and for sure not how you’re supposed to use Linus but I might as well have fun with a fully-merged up unit. 60 atk, 50 spd, 50 def, 31 res under the right conditions, 57 def and 38 res with Atk Smoke in play.

ROSS THE BOSS!!! And my Raven too cuz why not?

Buuuuttt I love my strong axe woman and I really like Echinda whose probably the demote so I dunno if I want to fodder her or build her with that axe :feh_maethink:


108 defense Surtr… May not be the most efficient against magic but at least Bignis will hit for 175 dmg.
EDIT: 72 res is still good but if the supports gets focused down I’m done for. Not really cause balance is a huge issue.
EDIT 2: What is balance? Most people I know already left this game.