Rearmed Banner Spark

So, I’ve reached the spark for the rearmed Lif banner.

I don’t really have anyone who I’d want to give the arcane weapon to (apart from maybe Alfonse).
At the same time, I have a +10 summer Claude, who could use a better C slot (right now he’s using his spd/def rein), so I was thinking of sparking Shez for the Atk/Spd Oath 4.

My question is, spark Lif nonetheless, or spark Shez for my Claude. Also, is Atk/Spd Menace better than the oath 4 for Claude?.

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While Atk/Spd Oath 4 is great on S!Claude I feel it would be a waste of Spd/Def Bulwark…

Imo there will be more units with the skill with less fodder value loss in the future.


I would go for Lif merely because you can later double or more fodder from him depending on the number of Lifs ya got. Even if you don’t get multiple this time around I imagine the banner will be around again from Twitter polls and there may be a different banner you can get him from in the future.


It’s just that I don’t know of any units that can make good use of the bulwark. Also if I want to give him the menace again, fodder would go to waste (giving him a b!Erika is a waste of surge sparrow and a Nott is a waste of DC)

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Yeah, unfortunately I didn’t manage to get any focus units this time around so it would be my first Lif. And I really have no idea who to give his fodder to.

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That’s fine. Again, there will be other chances to get him and honestly I’ve completely ignored all his fodder.

The joys of rearmed heroes is that you can give them rare skills like DC and Ruptured Sky from say, M!Byleth, and then proceed to give those two skills(And whatever else) to as many units as you have Lifs all for the cost of the one Byleth. You’ll need multiple Lifs to properly make a profit but I think that’d be better than summoning 2-3 different units to deck out one singular unit.

Really it all depends on how you see things in the long run. I chose Lif as my spark as an investment for when I need two of a very rare skill on two separate units. I couldn’t care less for the fodder any of the four units have.


Hmmm yeah sounds like a pretty good long term investment to be honest. I’ll probably spark for lif then and wait for another opportunity for Claude. Thanks a lot!