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Hey everyone

I’ve browsed through various topics on units that would definitely favor the new sword on here and seem to read W!Manuela, W!Zephiel, and a few others want that sword. Just wanted some input for my decision
I wanted to give Kent, who I’m building up, the sword, but he’s only +3. I do have Manuela at +4 I thought about giving it to but I do kinda prefer Kent
So I went through my barracks on some swordies I have and besides my ares, Shannan, larcei and a few others who would prefer their PRF, I didn’t have many I’d give it to.
I could always save it for now.
Leaning towards Kent- worth it?
Or any other sword users that would like it?



It’ll be ages (if ever) that Kent gets a prf of his own so I see no harm in giving him it if he’s a fave and will see a ton of use.


Truly… It all depends on who you feel like you’d use the most.

The arcane sword fits a very wide variety of units with all it’s effects. It gets the most mileage out of two types of units though: ones with higher Spd and NFU, and ones with Hardy fighter.

Hardy fighter doubles up on the GFU/DFU effects and means only units with either NFU or a flow effect can ever double that unit. So it can make any sword armor unit a pseudo-brave hector. And I’m sure you know how obnoxious he is to fight…

As for faster units with the sword, it’s just a list of great effects. At the end of the day, it all depends on what the statline of the target unit is. Pair an NFU b slot with the arcane sword and the opponent needs NFU or a flow effect plus Spd to ever double or avoid a double.

My personal choices for each movement type is:

Infantry: Scacath
Cav: L!Seliph
Flier: they’re all bad with it
Armor: Manuela

Personal edit: just look at swordies without Prf weapons before you decide. Some old Prfs are trash, no question, but they still have their niches… For the most part.


Is this a challenge for me to address? If S!Fiora wins HoF revival I’ll make this happen!

Also since Arcane Sword both guarantees and blocks follow-ups you don’t “need” NFU, just speed for the common annoying threats. Sure it hwlps in the specific situation outlined, but hardly a deal breaker (as most speed demons will run NFU anyway).


Just give it to Kent.

This sword most benefits units without a PRF, or old units with terrible refines.

It’s great for under appreciated favorites.


It’s not a deal-breaker, but ideal scenario would have a backup effect to supplement the GFU/DFU included in the weapon, since NFU turns it off completely.

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Ha, you thought IS was that generous? A rearmed weapon will only appear on HoF if the hero wielding the rearmed weapon is on the same HoF. S!Fiora can never get the arcane sword from HoF since she isn’t from heroes. Only someone like NY!Hríd could and that’s also never gonna happen! Thanks IS!


I will make NY!Hrid work with it until its the las thing i do /s

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I’m on board with making him Prfless Ashnard


The way I interpreted it, the Arcane weapon would only show up for the Rearmed Hero in the HoF pool, too, because that’s how Prfs work.

And that’s probably what would happen anyway since we always get one red, one blue, and one green and I can’t remember the last time we got doubles of one weapon type (not counting different colored tomes)


FWIW even if she can’t get the sword at least I could get her the skills to work with it (I haven’t built her at all so if I’m going to it’s gonna have to start with mostly a “free kit” at this point). For Flying swords I think she’s the only HoF unit I’d put it on.


(^ from the update notification) I suppose you can also interpreted it that way. But in that case they could’ve just said arcane weapon skills won’t appear for units other than the rearmed hero.

There was a HoF with Larcei and Shannan, so it’s not impossible for 2 swords to happen.

As for an rearmed unit actually appearing on HoF, I doubt it :feh_elisad:


Yeah, it will probably never happen in spite of that message

After all they still have this help message when not a single Legendary or Mythic Hero has been on a HoF


Finally, a good take.
The man deserves it.

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