Rebecca Builds! (My Rebecca Project)

Finally, I’m starting on building up Rebecca. I decided this a long time ago, but I’ve never gotten the best IVs for her, until now!

I came up with a build for her, but tell me if it’s any good or not, maybe even submit your own build for her. Once I see some builds and I’m satisfied with one, I’m gonna do my best to get more copies or her and merge her. Thanks and leave feedback and builds below!

My Rebecca Build Idea. (Click this)

Speedy Quad Archer Rebecca (Budget Build)

(Also, I updated my bio, so if you want to be friends in FEH, or find out how to contact me, read the bio. Thanks!)

With a Brave build, +Spd on Rebecca doesn’t do much. Going from 38 speed to 41 speed means she can double enemies floating between 33-36. These units are frequently bulky, such as fast armors, or standard +Spd infantry dragons like Fae/Nowi. These same units will easily reach a fair bit of defense, and honestly might take 0 damage from each hit.

For instance, the typical +10 +Spd, Def Refined Nowi with 34 speed has 38 defense on enemy phase (prior to any support or the commonly seen DD seal). She’d take negligible damage from even a Quad; moonbow would do damage, but only like an additional 12.

Armors like SB Zelgius, uh, have even more defense than this.

So that makes Rebecca only suited to kill squishy units, like those around 20 defense. If you’re aiming to kill them, you don’t need the Desperation Quad. +Atk would benefit her way more, since that’s effectively 6 additional damage per attack.

I would recommend +Atk for a Brave build. Some people opt for Chill over Desperation, but it becomes more about team comp at that point I suppose.

Have you considered Firesweep Bow as well? Rebecca can hit 46 Speed with it.

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I don’t really like Firesweep Bow, mainly cause I can’t counterattack enemies, that’s why I don’t like the Firesweep Weapons. But, could you send a picture of a Rebecca you’d think work better. If not, just tell me what a build for a +10 Rebecca would look like, with her skills and stuff. And I only thought +Spd was good, cause the then the Brave Bow penalty isn’t as bad.

Here’s my Rebecca she works pretty well for me.

Oh she also has Watersweep and she’s friends with L!Marth.


Nice build, however I prefer specials that aren’t those types. And Wings of Mercy is something I only consider giving dancers. Wings of Mercy looks good on her though.

Nay, but brave bow I would generally consider a PvE pick, which means those three points of spd actually do a lot, especially with buff support.

I gave her WoM for a Squad Assault map just haven’t changed it.

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Came up with an idea for another build for her, with +Atk in mind.

Is this any good? She gets more speed with Darting Blow and Drive Spd is budget btw.

How about this more defensive build?
Distant Defense is available off Garon, who is on a GHB right now!

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I like the concept, @ShinxDaSphinx, but Distant Defense is for Garon at 5*, and, tbh, I’d prefer a build focused on something else rather than her defenses. Also, my Summoner Support is with Fir, currently, that’s 10 with dragonflowers, and why QR?

It’s still a great build tho, just not the one I’m looking for.

Yeah, the speed could do a lot. I personally find the Atk to be more important since it’s a more universally useful stat in attacking, and it’d give you the edge kills on those pesky 26~ish defense ranged units that pop up in PvE.

Personally, I find the quad more useful if you’re trying to kill a brawler type unit, and that means Rebecca can stay close to the team to get the speed stacks while if you’re trying to snipe glass cannons, she’d be moving forward and have less buff support (and less Drive Atk support). That’s just my own experience with PvE and Brave Bows though.

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Something more offensive?

Maybe? I’d prefer a Rebecca that can quad. That’s just me, though. Have any ideas?

I think that’s a good build as well. If you’re not running FB though, Luna would probably be a better choice. It’d activate on a Quad, and Moonbow could only activate twice on a Quad if Rebecca had it at least partly charged + an enemy attacked you.

The more I look at her, the more I think she needs a refine. Maybe something like Argent Bow?

Best quad build I can think of, although if you don’t want sorcery blade, death blow or L&D can work too. (+atk btw)

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I’m looking for a pretty budget build, so I wouldn’t have Sorcery Blade. Also, why Brash Assault? (I still don’t know Brash Assault’s effect)

If unit’s HP is < or = 50% and for can counter, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack.
Good with Desperation

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If the enemy can counter attack and when under 50% hp, Brash assault guarantees a follow up attack. It’s pretty good on low spd Rebecca because her mixed bulk should allow her to take a hit and reach the hp threshold.

If you don’t want to use sorcery blade then fury or death blow can also work.