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Hi everybody.
It’s me asking advice once again.
Just wanted to know your opinion of wether I should spend a forma soul on one of these units.

Winter Fae

I managed to get what I think is the best build for her coming out of this HoF: Dragon Wall for damaged reduction on a physical tank, boosted by Bracing Stance 3 and D/R Near Save. Pale Breath+ is imo her best breath, and really sinergizes well with this build. Blue Flame could be replaced with Iceberg for a more consistent option.
I know she’ll struggle against strong red PP cavaliers like L!Sigrun and Duo Lìf, but this set is so good for her and the skills are so premium that I’m having a hard time deciding if I should use the Forma or not.


Decent set on a very good and meta-relevant unit. I have her at +1 with a budget AA build, so even if this isn’t her best posible build, I find it very synergistic and straight forward for AR-O.
She’ll be +2 with +4 Dragonflowers if I choose to spend the Forma, so I’m not entirely confident she’ll be an eficient carry on AR-O without more investment.

So, what do you guys think?

  • Winter Fae
  • Brunnya
  • Both
  • None of them

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I just have two questions.

  1. Do you have/intend on having more Forma Souls? If this is your only one I’d really wait for a unit you’re very passionate about, but it doesn’t sound like it.
  2. Do you intend on building Brunnya? If not, then I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. As you say, one of the reasons she is so good is because she can be pretty easily merged - and she’s only particularly good at high merges.
  1. Right now I have 3 Forma Souls. I usually wait for around the dates when IS releases a new patch and we get to know the next HoF units, so that if none of the new units interest me I don’t regret using the forma. So even after this poll closes, I would still wait for around that time to make a decision.
  2. If I ultimately choose to spend a forma on Brunnya, then I would invest on her. But before that I have to make the decision wether it is wise or not to use the forma, considering there are many more Blue units that are usable as AR-O tanks and could be more consistent even without high investment.

Cool, thanks for the answers! I’d probably pass on Brunnya if I were you, I feel like she doesn’t do quite as well anymore (but is still quite great).
As for spending one on Winter Fae… I’m typically pretty against going for Green Armour Dragons due to their plentiful weaknesses. You do seem to have a pretty great kit on her, but honestly I don’t think she will age well enough or be good enough by herself to warrant a Soul.
Those are just my opinions though!


I honestly think just the same as you, which is why I created this poll so many days after this recent HoF ended, meaning the sets look so good on them and so premium that I’m having a hard time ignoring the oportunity.
Thanks for the advice!


If you only got 3 souls, I would choose only one, me the one you think you would use more. I would lean towards Brunnya, but if you like Fae more and aren’t in the vault, Fae could be fun since you got some great skills. Just beware the armor and dragon killers. I did Brunnya myself and had similar skills to yours. I think she is solid tier 2 material and has a place on double tanking teams.


Yeah, if for whatever reason I end up using a forma soul this round, it’ll most likely be only 1.
In my mind the “both” option is only for the sake of it, since even if it did win the poll I would not abide by it.
What’s making me hang on the decision is the quality and rarity of the skills they have.
Brunnya is probably the better unit and investment overall and the one that will age the better, but the skills I got for W!Fae are sooo good and so very rare that it’s making me doubtful.
On the other side of the coin, the oportunity cost with Brunnya is probably 500 grails and 2~3 5* units available on my barracks/manuals.

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You really did get some awesome skills to make Fae work, no doubt about it! I would’ve tried for a few skills on her if I didn’t use all but the last day to get Brunnya built up. Got the skills I wanted but literally in the eleventh hour

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I think a big question to ask is “How often am I going to use this unit, and in which modes?”

PvE is a joke so I wouldn’t Soul just for that unless you’re having serious trouble with Binding Blade Limited Hero Battles. Fae has some great skills, but lack of merges means she’s useless for Arena. Which brings us to AR.

The problem Fae has as a Near Savior is that a lot of popular melee units are red. Eliwood, Kempf, L-Sigurd – they all tear into her (especially Sigurd who basically always runs QP for an instant special and has DR of his own so Fae isn’t doing shit to him), and Eliwood even has high Res so Dragon Wall is gonna do her far less good. So personally, I don’t think she’s worth it.

Brunnya has aged remarkably well, but the Pathfinder/L-Sigurd meta has made it much harder for her to do her job. She works really well with a Near Savior (but again I don’t recommend Fae; Gustav generally does a much better job because of his ridiculous Prf)


Do you have Gustav or a Near Save unit? If not, then WFae might be worth considering. Otherwise skip her.

Brunnya is in a weird spot right now. She is no longer the meta threat she was, but she can still work out great. But she can still carry in some matches. The skills you got on her are pretty good, so I would get her.

I might be biased though, as I got both and your Brunnya kit is better than mine (I went Far Save on Fae).


Yeah that’s the thing, I don’t have Gustav nor any Near Save unit. Haven’t particularly felt the impendant need of one either, but the idea sure is fun.
I know Brunnya has aged well, but is it worth it also? Same as with W!Fae’s role as a melee tank, there are many Blue tanks that could also work and even be more consistent with today’s meta, even without high investment, which Brunnya needs.

Sadly, I don’t. Which is why I’m seriously thinking about it.
Her set is very premium and feels like very optimal for her as a melee tank, having high res and def with Dragon Wall.
As you said, Brunnya can still work out fine, but not against every team like she used to. That’s why I’m undecided.
Now I’m curious :sweat_smile: mind sharing your sets with me?