Recomendation on new griel project

Hi, recently I finally completed my Astram for arena and I was wondering which grial project will be worth it. I would like it to be general content and if possible not a swordie (already have astram, lil marth and caeda at +10, +10 soren and imw to +10 cordi (2 copies off) and have enough copies of Echidna to +10) any recomendations? Ty :)

Travant wouldn’t be to bad. You could make him a giant physical wall or try to work with his res and make him a mixed tank.

General… content? Like, PVE? Anything goes so I think that’s more to… your taste.

Anyone that isn’t a lance flier, sword anything, or a green tome… uhh… SUMMER LORENZ! He’s a good meme, basekit and speedo and all.

On a serious note: Brunnya, Rolf, Aversa, Emperor, Walhart, Panne, Kronya, Gangrel, Ethlyn, Silque, Naesala, Y!Azura, Rinea, Minierva, NY!Eir, HS!Camilla, W!Cecilia, and Julius are pretty cool in my eyes.

But seriously though, you might just want to save your grails. Who knows, maybe you’ll find someone you’re sure you want to grail for in the future.


I’d save grails too until something I really like comes, but in case you still want to merge someone, it seems like you don’t have any tome but green and no colorless merge projects, so:

-Brunnya, a strong contender.
-S! Lorenz, not as shiny at low merges, but at +10 he is a ball of Stats and a great user of sudden panic and panic ploy.
-Kronya, I don’t like her, but she is a strong pick ngl
-Halloween Rolf, a bit underrated and a great addition in horse lines.
-Summer Rhys, if you don’t have a staff merge project, but he would serve you better as fodder for the staff, unless you want to take advantage of his high Res/HP or you like him a lot, like it’s my case.

Minierva is excellent and not a swordie. But personally I’d hold off on it for a bit. Finish Cordelia and Echidna while building grails so you’re in a better spot when you start and you’ll have finished projects before starting another.