Recommend CE for optimal performance (support)

I have : 2 MLB Holy Night Supper, 1 MLB Golden Sumo, 1 MLB Aerial Drive, 1 MLB Summertime Mistress, 1 MLB Halloween Princess, 1 MLB Fortress of the Sun, 1 MLB Dive to Blue, and 2 Kaleidoscope

So, which CE would you recommend for optimal performance as support servants?

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Support Casters with lunchtime are the most optimal support servants lol.

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Yeah that. Past that, 50% charge CE on chargers, a la AD on Gil, HNS on Ishtar, yada yada yada. Makes farming that much smoother for those not borrowing CLT Waver/Merlin or the occasional Personal Lesson/Training on whomever.

HNS or Aerial on Nero, HNS on Artoria (Lancer), HNS or Aerial on Ozy.
Holmes is fine with that or 2030.
If you don’t have the 10% resource boosting CEs, that’s good for Merlin and .
Altera is a little less obvious, probably buster up or your other kscope.
Raikou is fine.
Put Fortress of the Sun… in your archive.

Going to state the contrary and say that support Casters with actual CEs are not only fine but for some may be preferred, especially for people without Merlins who might actually need one during content. 2030 works well for Merlin anyway as a complement to his NP.

Otherwise, your set-up as-is should work just fine. Fortress of the Sun isn’t terrible for Hassan and it’s a lot better for consistent gameplay in a match than a single Kaleidoscope.

I don’t know how Artoria (Lancer)'s crit potential is since I don’t have much experience with her, but I will say that I prefer Aerial Drive on Ozy to HNS, however both are among his ideal choices. If her crit is weak, then it’s probably best to keep what you have.