Recommend to purify a shadow Snorlax for a hundro?

I was lucky to run into a 14-15-13 shadow Snorlax today. Now the difficult question arises: Should I purify or leave it?

On the one hand I think ‘secure the 100% redeemed Pokemon, as long as the current algorithm allows it’ on the other hand, I already own two maxed out 98% Snorlaxes and I can easily wait for it to become a more usable Pokemon with e.g. a better Moveset like pulverizing pancake in the future. The only danger I can imagine is Niantic to change the game once more and to not increase the stats of puryfied Pokemon by +2?

To max out the shadow snorlax is not an option for me. Since it would costs 780k stardust and 858 candies. Besides that, it would be just a 93 percent with an useless moveset.

First, compliments on that neat Snorlax.
Second, to answer your question, definitely purify it. Hundos are always things to brag about, especially those with special statuses, e.g. purified/shiny.
But I wanna ask a question here: Do those 2 maxed 98IV Snorlaxes have Body Slam (I mean, any one of them)? If yes, then you might decide to leave that purified hundo Snorlax there as a trophy. If no, maybe you would like to power it up. Return is actually a pretty good move in gym defense due to being insanely hard to dodge as well as easily being spammed, only held back by low power. Also, the 10% discount is also quite nice too.


Many thanks!
I am also very hooked on the hundos, and the purify status does not make it any worse. I think you’re right about the return move, the type effectiveness is something I can actually look up to. And i almost forgot the 10% discount!
Regarding your second question, only one of them has the bodyslam move, it was also pretty cheap to max since it came out lucky. ;)

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Nothing really to do with it other than purify it. Frustration can’t be TM’d, shadow pokemon can’t be traded, and they arent any more or less powerful than the purified form. There really isn’t any benefit to leaving it. Only time i would consider it is if it was a 100% shadow lol

I guess you’re absolutely right, it’s seems to be a waste to leave it as a shadow, and it’s only an irrelevant 93 percent one. As a 100% shadow it would be no question to purify.

As others have mentioned, purified Snorlax is all upside when compared to Shadow Snorlax. Return is vastly better than Frustration, and the purified bonuses make powering it up/unlocking a second move less expensive. Plus, having a hundo Snorlax is pretty neat. The only thing shadow Snorlax has going for it is the fact that it looks significantly cooler.

It’s your decision to purify for hundo or keep the dark flames to look cool in gyms, but from level 1 to 40 it’s only 270k dusts and 304 candies.

Not really, Shadow Pokémon take much more dust an candy to power up or unlock 2nd move.

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Thanks all of you, its a hundro now <3

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Now why not shamelessly show it off here :)