Recommendation for free 4*

Since I am not sure who should I get for free 4*, I am hoping for some recommendation. Currently, I am thinking to get saberlot/casgil/nitocris

What I have
Saber: Mordred, Summer Fran, Rama, Suzuka, Siegfried, Deon, Saberliz
Archer: Archuria, Chloe, Nobu, EMIYA
Lancer: Karna, Santa Lily, Summer Kiyo, Liz
Rider: Kintoki, Ishtar, Astolfo, Santa Alter, Martha
Caster: Merlin, Waver, Tamamo, Sanzang, Iri, Edison, Cater Liz
Assassin: Summer Scathach, Kerry, Carmilla, Stheno
Berserker: Raikou, Vlad, Ibaraki, Cat, Herc
Extra: Gorgon, BB

Any opinion is welcome. Thank You

You’re set for the most part, I’d say. You don’t really need anything, so just choose who you want.

Yeah, you’ve got plenty of great servants there. You have no need for anything in particular.

Saberlot is an overall strong servant, and you can’t go wrong there. But you’ve got so many good sabers it would feel like a waste.

CasGil, while he’s a great support, isn’t necessary. You’ve got the big 3 supports already. It would just be covering the same ground.

Nito would be a decent pick, but you’ve still got some of the premier farming servants and don’t really need her.

In your case I would just pick whoever is the easiest on the eyes or whoever interests you the most, since there are no gaps in your roster.

I’d definitely suggest saberlot. You already have tanamo so Gil is a bit outclassed as far as arts support goes, and Saberlot would work great with tanamo

You’re lineup is honestly set and you’re really not in need of much of anything i’d just suggest going for a servant you like the look of.

If I had to give a suggestion you could go for Tristan for CQ’s or Lalter if you wanted to run some buster crit memes. Saberlot could also be a decent pick for arts crit things.

Stheno NP2, cause why not.