Recommendation: Story vs Event

Hello, I didn’t played FGO that much in 2019 and now I discovered Pseudo - Singularities and Lostbelt comming out in April. So I don’t know what to do. Should I rush the story and finish it all? So I can be up to date. Currrently I’m in Camelot, at 12-1. I want to finish the story but with Kara no Kyoukai event going on I don’t know if I should spent all my AP farming the event or doing the story. It’s just I dont have any time, events are coming one after other, and there is no free time to finish story.

I really like the story of FGO, and I’m gonna feel bad if I skip all the story. But some nodes are so boring and long that makes me want to skip it.

Now I have a lot of free time, but March 16 college break will end so I’ll be back to studying and I’m not gonna have a lot of time to do story and events at the same time, I’ll have to pick. So I was wondering if I should finish the story now so I can be up to date .

You have any recommendation for me?

You “only” need to finish Temple of Time to access Lost Belt 1 once it’s released, you can safely skip the Epic of Remnant chapters until later (except if you need to have access to one of their free quests for materials).

Current event is the last foreseeable opportunity to get welfare-Shiki aboard. Hence, I’d prioritize getting Shiki and her ascension items + NP-lvls, it helps that she’s very decent in terms of gameplay-value.


Definitely focus on the KnK first. This will be the last chance in the foreseeable future to get Assassin Shiki, and she’s a really good ST assassin.

February has been a really busy month, with back-to-back events throughout the entire month, but it isn’t always like this. After the KnK event, there’ll most probably be a break until Saber Wars rerun event, which happens in mid March. The DL campaign and Chaldea Boys’ Collection will be going on, but there’s no story event associated with it.

Also, starting from the 24th until March 2, all main story quests, including Epic of Remnant main quests, will have their AP cost reduced to half. I don’t know why they put it right smack in the middle of the KnK event, but if you managed to finish the event early, you can take advantage of it.

Also, if you’re really pressed for time, you can always skip the main story/event story dialogue and then view it after in My Room > Material > Main Records/Event Quest Log.


The KnK event is balanced toward an early point in story progression than what you’re at, you can safely do it now.
It is time-limited, so focus on finishing that, then come back to the story.
As everyone else has said, the only milestone you need to watch out for is part 1 completion, both the Remnants and Lostbelts need that. Remnants are nice to have done, but not required for anything.


the event is pretty easy and i highly recommend atleast getting event servant np5 max ascension.


Story chapters never go away, but amazing welfare servants do. The event is easy, just kind of long. Get shiki and then head back to camelot.

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Literally just do the event. It’s easy, you can apple through it if needed, it’s seriously easy just a grind, and if you strictly follow Gamepress’ guide you’ll have a guaranteed NP5 powerful welfare with ~2K AP to spare for story.

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If you ever have this question, the correct answer is always to focus on the event. The only exception would be if you literally can’t do the event, because you haven’t progressed far enough in the story. In all other cases, events are top priority.

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always, always priorities events over story. it’s where you’ll get all your mats for leveling servants the easiest. plus during times that are milestones (not events) it’s highly likely you’ll get 1/2 off or 1/4 off ap for story quests. do story then.

the 8mil milestones coming up is one such happening.

Yep. It’ll be 1/4 for Main and EoR until like, the 9th, well after KnK finishes.

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I’ve not completed the prologue for lb , so when lb1 comes out will i need to finish the prologue to access lb1?

Yeah, but the difficulty is whatever and it’s basically an hour or less of pure story depending on how fast you read. Not worth fussing over, especially since we’re still some weeks out from LB1.

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Definitely do the event and do everything you can to get Shiki to NP5 with all of her Ascension mats. She is one of the best Assassins in the game, and this is the last chance you’ll ever have to get her, unless something changes in JP.

Focus on the event for now, but apple if you need to so you can finish the event by the 24th, which is when the 9 million download campaign hits. Once that hits, you can focus on running through the story at 1/4 and 1/2 AP.

The AP Cost Reduction event is only 7 days, so it’s going to be a crunch if you’re trying to finish it all. By my calculations, EOR is 3181 AP (Shinjuku 674, Agartha 916, Shimousa 921, Salem 670), which comes out to 1590.5 AP at 1/2 cost… or 5.52 days.

Camelot is 1622 AP, but it’s just 572 AP from chapter 13 and on. Babylonia is 1961, Solomon is 347 I believe. This comes out to 2880 AP, or 720AP at 1/4 cost… equal to 2.5 days.

So you’re going to have to spend some apples to finish within the time limit, since there’s not quite enough natural AP to do so. But as far as I can tell, this is the most efficient way to go about it.

Thanks for your replies!!!

I’ve almost cleared the store rn. I dont know if I should farm 1000 black cats for Mana Prism, its a lot of AP. And should I get 4 star Fou? I need 300 extra black cats for them

4* fous is alway good, just focus on farming for black cats rn

SR Fous are luxury items, like grails for your favorites except even rarer to get (outside of DV-chan’s shop where they cost 5 RP per and restock monthly (so mega-whale territory), JP only barely has enough to 2K/2K 3 Servants). Lowest priority, overall; that said the event is so chill that you can likely get them on top of the MP and have time to spare, or close to. Worst case, you use an apple or two, this event is an early one so full clearing is especially easy.

Not sure if you know but just in case: With optimal AP management, it’s not unreasonable to fully clear out a shop or close to, and to make up the difference with some apples. It’s very rare for an event to be so so bad of a grind that you simply need to chug apples (the most recent VD is literally the only example I can think of where it was that awful).

MP are nice to buy, and 1K alone is enough for you to buy out the 900 needed for DV-chan’s monthly MP restock, and the only other good ways you can get them reliably are by running 30 AP Embers (ideally during 1/2 AP) and selling the silvers/everything, or by participating in lotteries (best AP to mat ratio if less-optimal for QP/XP-exclusively). I personally say why not, you might get some lanterns along the way by farming Parking Lot. After a long enough time playing though, MP will eventually become a luxury as well, IMO.

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Yes, I read that there was no need for apples to clean the store but I used enough to finish it today, so I can use 1/4 AP for the main quest. But after using a couple of them to clear the store, still I’ve got more apples than the ones that I spent so it’s ok.

That is the reason why I dont know if I should spent more AP to get 1000 MP. One day with natural regen of AP and I can get those MP but I also wanna focus on the main story.

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Well, you’ve still got several days’ worth you can purely dedicate to the story, even before the possible 2 weeks’ downtime we will get after KnK if we follow JP schedule (which we might not strictly follow, but IMO we can expect at least a few days’ downtime). Whether or not it’s still worth it to you, especially given how the story is the main draw, is for you to decide.

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Maybe I will wait until the last day of the event and see if it’s worth. Also, should I get the Spiritron Dress from the shop? I don’t have Astolfo or Parvati, but If they spook me in any summon, I would like to have their Costumes

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