Recommendations for an anna build

Hello, I’m new to gamepress and have a question and figured this would be a good place to ask.
I have this anna i pulled twice during the book 4 midpoint banner with a +spd iv. I’ve been wanting to use her in aether raids for offense and defense switching between builds. I don’t really know what to use though, this is what i currently have. I have DC, atk/spd solo 3 and a few decent skills to fodder. I want to use her in both offense and defense so i would appreciate 2 build suggestions. I’m also willing to invest heavy since i don’t have many lance units at all. During light season i would have 2 peonys with her for the +10 hp and +6 spd and during astra she would have altina give her the +5 hp and +3 atk.
Thank you to anyone who can offer me their knowledge.

I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to switch blessings on her every season, since we only get one blessing a week for AR, and it’s not always a Light or Astra blessing. You’ll run out of blessings before long doing that. I’d recommend choosing only one season for her.

Then probably for light since i have enough units for astra.

Welcome! :feh_annawink:

To start with, you definitely don’t want to use atk/spd solo if you’re keeping her personal weapon as she relies on warping around and so she’ll most likely be next to another unit. I guess you could change her weapon but it seems like a waste!

DC and Close Call is a good combo, which I would use if I could pull a Close Call unit :catcry: It makes her surprisingly difficult to deal with, especially if she’s backed up with invisible buffs to her speed. If you’re going that route you probably want to stick with her default C skill and probably some kind of Bond skill or flashing blade for the seal.

Also Blue Flame is a very good special for her if you have it around somewhere (I think you can get it for codes if you really want it).

Hope that helps! :feh_hridexcited:

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Thank you i had an extra young ceada for dc which i think ill give her but her prf weapon has that hp conditional atk/spd incombat buff which doesnt help if i run into bolt traps or towers which makes the enemy fall bellow the threshold. I have ground order units so the mobility built into the weapon isnt much for me anyway

Best Anna is, well, Best!

I still haven’t quite settled on a assist or special. Not sure if I want repo or smite and whether Aether is better than Sol for sustain, but she’s a beast when you need a damage sponge in a hurry