Recommendations for distant def 4

I may give it to my Julius, but I am still hesitant. Who could you recomend?


In my opinion, you got it backwards, you first pick a unit to build, then think about the fodder. That’s how I do it anyways.

Do you have anyone else in my mind other than Julius?


I mean, I did not pull for DD4. I just got it.
Other than Julius? I know that DC weapon Units profit from DD4, but I don´t have to many of those <.< And I dont´t want to give my +0 Xander such an expensive skill…

You can give it to a bulky bow user like Norne.


If you have your Julius well built, you could keep it at the moment. But if you think he could use it, like actively using it, fodder Mufasa to him. I prefer to wait when I’m doubtful about fodder until I find the unit and the build.

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I am not realy interested in Norne as a Unit. ^^"

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If I had one I would give it to Micaiah

Ranged tanks, and DC weapon users

F!Lyon if you have him

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Oh, I actually have both Micaiah and F!Lyon. :thinking:


The only thing that I can say is that you should give it to a hero that specializes in enemy phase or they can at least abuse their weapon effect or their statline in EP.

From recently released units F.Lyon uses it the best since he’s purely a ranged tank.

If it’s supposed to be a unit that can be f2p merged, then you can just filter the GP hero list and pick your candidates, because the list is quite short.
From what I can say:

Sophia - bracing stance refine, high defenses and raventome effect. Ideal for ranged tanking

Winter Cecilia - colorless, good res and decent def. Can use a multitude of daggers and with vengeful fighter she will be a strong EP unit.

Soren - his owoltome is easier to abuse for enemy phase tanking rather than player phase attacking.

Norne - a bunch of stats, flexible weapon use. With guard bow she can be like a f2p Faye (kind of).

Julius - becomes unkillable by magic and might survive bows and daggers.

OG. Lyon - if you want a weaker and lamer Sophia for some reason.

Jeorge - a bit of an unorthodox pick, but could be interesting, since he reduces enemy’s first magic attack by 30% and gets extra attack vs ranged foes (probably would be my choice if I had to choose, but it’s mainly because Jeorge is cool).

Henry - kind of like Sophia but with less atk.


With his atk debuff, a maxed out julius can hit nearly 50 effective def vs archers and 70+ effective res. He is definitely one of the best users of it.
It IS worth noting though that he can reach even better levels if/when bracing stance 3 is released, since he’ll then be able to run lull atk/res without redundant effects. Since we don’t know if/when bracing stance 3 will be released howver, he is - again - one of the best users of DD4 in the game

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DD4 i gave to Norne.
I think really any raven tome user can utalise it really well. if i was building a Cecilia or a Robin they’d use it rather than using TA 3

i will expand on this a bit -
I now you mentioned not liking Norne. but i gave it to her because at first i was gonna make her into a tank. :clap: but then I got a Midori so she’s gonna get spindthrift bow and close foil. (which isn’t a big deal because i actually give a lot of my +10 units a lot of skills depending on what i need to use them for.

I do think for the mages - mirror stance 3 is better. (more res and guard esp. since most of the ones who would benefit has low spd so it can save their lives and they don’t have to run QR in their slots). (or bracing stance 3 if you want to just be stupidly mean. (Sophia will have that and then she will just need a lull).