Recommended H!Myrrh seal?

I have a +Def/-Spd Spooky Monster and I’m trying to maximize her defense stat. I need a seal that will help her create the largest gap possible between her and her foe’s defense.

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Brazen atk def is best for mixed phase.

Atk/def bond for enemy phase.

Close def if you want that extra res on enemy phase.

Wave def is an option…if you dont have buff on her otherwise.

It’s a budget build at the moment, focusing on her weapon and utilizing armor March to the best of its ability, so I think I may end up going with Def wave. Thank you for your input :smile:

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I like to use bond seals in armour teams, as they prefer to stay together. Atk/Def bond 3 will both help her damage output and tanking ability, as well as it working on both phases. Close Def 3 will help her against general melee threats, but it’s only on enemy phase so it will work better with Vengeful Fighter is you plan on keeping it. If you just want the flat out boost to Def, Fortress Def 3 gives a flat 5 Def, for the cost of 3 Atk.
What A skill does she use?

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Her A skill is Armored Blow 3 at the moment. I read that the buff is factored into her weapon check, but I might be mistaken

It is.

What’s your current build right now?