Recommended Servants 2021

I do only have 2 Servants I want to get this year. Kama and Spishtar. I currently have 95 SQ (I haven’t cleared the four pseudo-singularities and haven’t got the free quest SQ from the others singularities and lostbelts) I think that getting 2 SSR is reasonable and i think that I can do it.

But in case I pull Kama or Spishtar with a ticket (not happening), which other servants are worth rolling for? Skadi, since I don’t have one of my own, would be a good idea. Who do you recommend?

My roster

Okita Alter (Alter Ego)

Rama (Saber)
Elizabeth (Lancer)
Fionn (Lancer)
Frankenstein (Berserker)
Tamamo Cat (Berserker)
Circe (NP2)(Caster)
Consort Yu (Asassin)
Asassin of Paraiso (Assassin)

More copies of Kama and Space Ishtar ?

Aside from that the meta supports available this year are Merlin and Skadi. If Kama is your waifu then I’d at least get Skadi. Merlin is useful for Okita Alter

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Skadi or any of the big 4 support casters would be great for you, seeing as you have none of them, and Skadi especially would synergize well with Kama / Spishtar / Frankenstein. The only problem is that Skadi’s only banner next year comes in November, in JP’s 18M Download Campaign, and by that time, Castoria is less than 7 months away (2022 late June / July). If you also plan to roll for her, your Skadi will get about 7-8 months in the spotlight before being displaced. Not saying she won’t be useful, because Kama and Spishtar, plus whatever other Q servants you get (most likely including Parvati), but her relative usefulness will decrease dramatically.

Arjuna Alter is the other big DPS servant releasing this year, and even if your Buster support is lacking, he’s an incredibly strong SSR Berserker, and even without Merlin, does crazy amounts of damage, while also debuffing enemies. Frankenstein and Tamacat are both kinda fiddly to make effective, and that 30% battery is incredibly useful.

I will also put in a plug for Waver, as he gets a rate-up near the end of April during the Case Files event, and his team utility is, frankly speaking, ludicrous. For newer masters without Kscope or serious charge support, being able to plugsuit in a 50% battery, with offensive, defensive, and crit buffs is absolutely dreamlike. If you’re willing to wait another year to grab him from the SSR ticket in April 2022, feel free to do that, but that’s well over a year of farming without one of the strongest, most general supports in the game, who remains relevant even into Castoria meta.

In terms of welfares, we will get Chloe for ST Archer, BB for Moon Cancer and Arts Stall, Ryoma for ST Rider, Gray for AOE Assassin, Kagetora for ST Lancer, Jalter-Zerker for ST Berserker, Saber Hokusai for ST Saber, CasShuten for ST Caster, and Santa Nightingale for AOE Archer. That should fill most holes in your roster, leaving only AOE Saber, AOE Rider, AOE Caster, and Extra classes vacant. Spishtar plus Skadi / Castoria will eventually fill most AOE roles pretty well, so that’s not a big concern.

Can someone answer this thread once and for all so we can pin this for a year


Cute idea, but futile. Experience has demonstrated that players will still ask that question or some variant specific to their wants regardless of what is pinned here or available on a dozen different sites.


Kama could be tricky. With 95 SQ, you would have, buying all shop tickets and logins, around 250 SQ. The event gives around 50 SQ as well. Depending how you get the Quartz from free quests you can go to 300-400. Maybe 500. That’s slightly above a coin flip to reasonable on the chances.

Ishtar will be a much better shot. There’ll be the change to 0,8% rate up from 0,7%, 11st roll and, free quests + interludes SQ and more time until the banner (7 months from March to October, compared to 2 now)

Forget these jokers.

Here is my NA roster, who should I roll for on the 2022 Anniversary GSSR?



Me thinks you should roll the special GSSR called the FP gacha



Only must-pulls are a) the servants you love; and b) the big support casters (Merlin, Waver, Skadi). Honorable mentions to Godjuna, Spacetar, Nero Bride, and Tamamo – but her solo banners are gone for the year. Reines eventually supplants Waver in the meta, from what I have heard, so there is that. DPS servants are always borrowable, but support casters allow the most flexibility, since they can work in all teams or require doubles for some systems (Dual Skadi/Castoria System, etc.)

Waver and Tamamo are potentially free with 2022’s 20 million download SSR ticket.

The most important servants this year, like every year, are the support casters - in order of my personal preference: Waver, Skadi, Merlin. They are all getting rate-ups and each one of them would help a new player more than, say, Kama (I mean gameplay-wise, waifu reasons are obviously subjective).

That said, if you’re in October and find yourself with an easy Space Ishtar, I would probably just go for NP2 - considering she will be neutral vs most enemies that extra damage goes a long way!

Eh… Arjuna is one of the most important this year merely because it is his only rate up (albeit, he has to be getting another soon, surely) and he can more or less replace an aoe in just about every class even at np1 making him among the most valuable servants outside of support casters for free to play (not even mentioning Assclapsius and Hot Wheels elevating the banner even further). He is a staple to challenge quests AND farming putting him in about the same tier as most major supports.

I do not particularly care for him myself, but in the context of “most important servants this year” he is arguably more important than Waver or Tamamo given the ssr ticket heavily devalues pulling for them and given Merlin and Reines rerun within a year, Skadi is really the only “must pull” of this year out of the supports to begin with. In the context of helping new players, he might even technically do it better than supports because new players tend to lack the game sense to value the supports highly to begin with.

I digress, I am not necessarily disagreeing with you, but I feel Arjuna more or less tops the list. Supports are nice and all, I will be pulling them over Arjuna, but he is probably THE standout of this year if only because he is new.


Personally I’m going for Waver (he didn’t come twice but third times the charm right???) after him Merlin then Musashi then after I have no idea tbh.

I think at this point, it’s better for you to just save for Merlin and ticket Waver. That way you’re more likely to get both rather than splitting it and be less likely to get either.

One thing to consider for Merlin and Reines is that their reruns are extremely close to Castoria’s release, who is a far more important Servant, so you might not want or have the resources for them later specially if you want to maximize the chances for her.

True, but if you get Castoria and plan to ticket Waver, you don’t really need Reines. She’s basically a variation of Waver, and while I will be the first to agree that 2 Wavers is better than one, they are functionally equivalent in terms of team comps.

Chen Gong

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technically reines has a niche outside of alt-waver: her charge values are set up in a way that she can give two servants 30% charge, which meshes well with aoe servants that have 20% batteries. waver has more issue with them since he can only give 20% to the non-focus. her attack buff is also more focused, which lends well to nodes with middling initial waves but a beefy last. as a quick set of examples offhand: bradamante, saber alter, both helenas and janta have 20% batteries but obvious farming applications. some other niche options like suzuka wave 3 from 50% also become possible while still allowing 30% for another wave clearer. so a lancer node comp could work with say, saber alter wave 2 and suzuka wave 3, np damage allowing.

also yeah chen gong is stupid good, roll like three of him so you can have him at different levels for his absurd amount of use cases.

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Well thanks everyone for your help. After thinking about it this is what I want to get:

‌Kama / March
‌Arjuna Alter / June
‌Space Ishtar / November
‌Skadi / November

I’d love to roll for Merlin and Orion, or even Waver an Reines, but actually I’m not even going to get those four SSR so let’s dream small. I hope I can get them all, but I don’t think if using only F2P orbs is going to be enough. I’ll probably buy the next GSSR. Does anyone know when will be?


GSSR comes every anniversary and New Year

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and na anniversary is early july