Recommended Servants for each chapter?

Does anyone have a list of recommended servants to raise for each chapter? Particularly for Camelot and onwards.


I think it’s moreso Classes that you need to worry about than particular Servants. :feh_maethink:

I’ve heard for Camelot, you need a good Saber, Archer and Rider since there’s a lot of enemies those classes counter. An exception is that it’s usually very recommended to level a Euryale (or Artemis if you have her) as a counter to some of the harder bosses in Camelot. They make an otherwise brutal fight workable. Everything after that is fine in comparison though. Granted I just got to London so someone that actually did it would probably have better advice, just leaving an input. :ferdbirb:


Not sure what servants you have so I’ll just generalize.

Most of the chapters up until Camelot are super easy, and you can usually just borrow a friend support to carry you through them. I wouldn’t worry about them really.

However, make sure your servants are decently leveled for Camelot. You will almost definitely need Euryale. Get her to NP5, max her out and do her Interlude and Rank Up Quest too. David is also pretty good, due to his second skill. Mash is excellent as well, so make sure she’s leveled up too. Leveling the Chaldea Combat Mystic Code is also a good idea. Mash + Euryale will get you a long way through Camelot.


Babylon - mob consists of mostly Lancer and Rider so AOE Saber is recommended. Assassin for rider mobs (dragons, wyvern and lion dog)

Boss Enemy - Prepare Arash for Stella’ing Ushiwaka since 2 fight she’s a berserker with low HP but spam NP every turn. You can also raise Leonidas, St George, Mash and D’eon to tank ST NP. Other boss can be dealt by support Hercules except for Ushiwaka. She annoying

Shinjuku - Mobs mostly Archer, Assassin and Caster.

Boss - Emiya Alter - borrow Tamamo Lancer to break his balls
Hessian Lobo - 2 options. Break his furly balls with anti male or call BB to give him injection
Yan Qing - Break more balls or bring Alter Ego/ST caster
Phantoms - 2 boss both berserker. Borrow foreigners or just break his balls
Moriarty - 2 boss. Demon Pillar is Avengers. As usually you can break their balls again.

lots of knight classes mixed nodes.
Some berserkers and casters, but those are more easy.

Euryale, the ultimate F2P man crushing boss (specially if they are saber or berserker). Also, Gawain crush memes. Also, Orion (surprisingly, Euryale is better in some formations, since she has 2 charms for stall, and more consistent NP gain, and Orion anti-male is locked into a 1-turn skill; at least the evade is a bless for NP-ing survival, and he/she’s clearly more bulky).

Mash, as she will get near the end a amazing upgrade to her first skill, who will be very useful vs the horrible gimmck of the final boss (ignores ivuln,+ignores evade on a AOE NP, spams a lot thanks to battery skill, buffs herself).
For similar reasons Waver, the def cut wil be very, very useful. Also, the free 50% charge is nice…

David, AOE NP avoidance (does not work with Lartoria and Tristan, mind you). Ofc, Merlin, for this and all the rest.

Robin, for the bonkers NP dmg. Also an evade.

AOE zercs for the many, many mixed nodes.

Deon/Leonidas/Georgius for 3-t taunt vs Tristan ST NP piercing evade (BTW, he is archer, but has REVERSED class advantage, so use ST Sabers to crush him), and save your DPS. Saberliz is particularly useful there, as invuln is not pierced by sure hit, plus weaker mana busrt+NP5=lot of dmg.

Lots of Rider and Lancer mobs.
AOE Assassins (specially Cleo/Summer Scath) and AOE Sabers. Most of the lancer mobs are dragon trait, so Siegfried with his upgrades all in will be the best option there, specially if he’s NP2+.
There is one boss who takes 0 dmg from good alignment units. So, check it out. Is Rider and female. So, Jack and Carmilla can do it, with buffs.

Calvary ST for final boss. You get extra dmg from bond lvs 5-10.

Shinjuku: lots of archer and caster mobs. Most enemies and bosses are evil alignment, Lancer Vlad takes the spotlight there.

Agharta: lots of females, early on Riders, later on Assassins and then knight classes. Pillar is a Ruler who spamms guts for 10 turns, more or less.

Shinjuku: hard, as hell, have prepared party. Rider raikou zerck Shuuten will test your nerves. Many assassin and saber mobs.

Salem: aside from the assassin pillar, the singularity is a walk in the park. Also short, is mostly story focused.

You probably meant Shimosa instead of Shinjuku…

I think you were refering to Shimousa. Most boss fights are hard here and they cover ALL classes (Saber -> Berserker).

There is a final hard Foreigner fight as well. So in addition to borrowing your friend’s Melt, raise Mecha Eli-chan (or any Alter Ego) as a failsafe.

Agartha: Mix mob. not hard but annoying since few have high HP.

Boss - Penths - berserker. You can borrow Foreigners to make easy works
Wu Zetian - assassin. She’s easily done if you borrow Meltrylys or Nuker ST caster
Pirate Princess a.k.a Drake Alter - she’s don’t even have NP. Just bring your best assassin or borrow Maria the Ripper
Colombus and Megalos a.k.a Super Herc - this one is hard. I can’t even remembered how I beat this duos. Just kept your DPS alive and kill both fast.
Scheherazade - She accompanied by multiple mobs with different class. Play safe and stall while looking for chance to clear beast. Kill her last.
Demon Pillar - Ruler Class. Borrow Avengers for easy work. He will revive multiple time

Euryale made short work of every Megalos fight. :fgo_illya:

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Let me just say that, as long as you have a few decent servants at max level, you shouldn’t run into anything you just can’t handle. This game doesn’t really have “you don’t have X? LOL, you’re boned!” encounters. I got through all of Camelot with a team of Maid Alter, Lancer Raikou, and Rider Ishtar (guess when I started playing).

Worst case scenario, there are few fights that a friend’s Heracles can’t just solo for you.

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Only time i remember “good thing i have x” was shinjiku and lancer vlad. He almost soloed the whole singularit thanks to his class and anti-evil np.
I would recommend levelling your every servant tho (or atleast every 3+ stars)

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